How to Make a Snakes and Ladders Bracelet

snakes and ladders rainbow loomThe Snakes and Ladders bracelet is one of our latest inventions. The cool thing is that you can make it on one loom and it is reversible.

We call it Snakes and Ladders because on one side it kind looks like a snake:

snakes and ladders

When you turn it over, it looks like a ladder:

snakes and ladders

Want to make one? Watch our tutorial:

How to Make a Hungry Caterpillar

caterpillar rainbow loom

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar was one of our favourite books when we were little. In fact, Maddie had the entire book memorized by age 4!

When we saw Crafty Ladybug‘s Rainbow Loom Very Hungry Caterpillar, we couldn’t wait to make it!

Watch the video to make your own:


How to Make a Zero Bracelet

zero rainbow loomWe love our brand new ‘Zero’ bracelet. It definitely stands out from the others because of the circles or ‘zeros’ that make up the design.

zero rainbow loom

Want to make one? Check out our tutorial: