How to Make a Cute Coin Purse

rainbow loom coin purse

This adorable coin purse was made with Rainbow Loom bands and glass beads.

Although it is time-consuming, and definitely not a beginner’s project, the result is fantastic!

Want to make one? Watch our video:

How to Make a Fangirl Necklace

fangirl nexlaceWe have a bit of an obsession with Shrinky Dinks.

If you’ve never given them a try, you definitely should! They are so much fun!

hunger games pendant

Emily is a crazed Harry Potter and Hunger Games fan, so she decided to make several items inspired by these books with Shrinky Dinks, including awesome Fangirl necklaces. She printed out a small photo of one of her favorite books, traced it on the Shrinky Dink Paper, colored it in with colored pencils and placed it in a toaster oven.

To make the book into a pendant, she attached an Aanraku Bail . You can also use a hole punch just before you place it in the oven and attach a jump ring once it has been baked.

Here is a Hogwarts Crest necklace that she made:

harry potter


For the full instructions to make this project, watch our video: