How to Make a Katana Bracelet

katana rainbow loom

It’s been a quite a while since we made a Rainbow Loom Youtube tutorial. We’ve been super busy lately and just haven’t had a chance create as many RL designs as we’d like to. When we saw @Lateloomer’s Katana bracelet on Instagram, we knew it was time to fire up the video camera once again and create a tutorial for this fabulous design – with @Lateloomer’s permission, of course!

The Katana is a hook-only design. It works great with Bubble Bands!

katana bracelet

Want to make one? Watch our tutorial:


25 thoughts on “How to Make a Katana Bracelet

  1. Hermione Granger says:

    OMG I absolutely LOVE this bracelet, it has gone BOOM on my list of current fave designs to No. 1! It is sooo cool, especially with bubble bands 😀

  2. monotony holmes says:

    The only thing even a little wrong with it is the bubble bands,they snap really easily.I got mine from Clairs at the mall,that was a mistake.

    • Bellaboos Bands says:

      I got my bubble bands at Jo-Anns and they are pretty strong. I got the ” Loom Bands” brand. They were like $2:99 for 300 bands. If you go to you can prob find them.

  3. Kool Kid says:

    I’ve never ever had bubble bands, and I’ve been rainbow looming for 10 yrs!!!!! I live in Arizona, and no matter where I look there are no bubble bands!!!!! My friend had some once, I asked for some, after I had given her all the clear, red, orange, Teel, gold metallic, and silver metallic I had. And can u guess what she said????? After I had given her all these colors, she wouldn’t even give me a pinch of them. And she literally had 70 packs she hadn’t opened yet, just lying around her room!!! I was tempted to take 4 or 5 and stuff them in my bag, but I didn’t, HONEST. CROSS MY HEART. REALLY. So can one of u post a pic of what yours looked like with smooth bands??? Thx!!!

  4. Hanna says:

    I saw the whole video and I tried that too but I can’t make one .I’m not making it with bubble bands . I’m making it with simple look bannds. It’s so difficult.

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