How to Make the Star of Wonder

star of wonder rainbow loom instructions

We loved the Little Star Rainbow Loom bracelet so much that we decided to double up on it and create a new bracelet that we call the Star of Wonder.

star of wonder rainbow loom instructions

This bracelet requires some skill and patience – but the result is stunning.

star of wonder rainbow loom patterns

Want to make one? Watch our video tutorial:


How to Make the Little Star

little star rainbow loom instructionsOur eyes lit up the first time we pulled this invention off of our Rainbow Loom. It reminded us of the Kaleidoscope bracelet, but it wasn’t nearly as challenging. And you only need one loom!

The Little Star looks amazing in so many different color combinations:

little star bracelet

Want to make your own? Check out our Rainbow Loom Little Star video tutorial:

Loom Love Meets Rainbow Loom Inventor Choon Ng

rainbow loomThe Loom Love family got to to meet Choon Ng at Thursday night’s Detroit Startup Grind session. Needless to say, it was a thrill!

Emily and Maddie got to ask Choon lots of questions about Rainbow Loom (“Are you coming up with any new products?” etc.), and mom and dad Loom Love got to ask lots of questions about Choon’s journey as an entrepreneur.

We all discovered that Choon isn’t just an amazing success story, he’s a down to earth, likeable guy. (He still lives in the same house and drives the same car as he did before he invented the wildly successful Rainbow Loom. When asked how his life has changed, he said: “We eat out at restaurants more.”)

Here is Choon being introduced to the group of entrepreneurs who attended the Q & A at Startup Grind:


Prior to the Q & A, kids got to make Rainbow Loom bracelets and try out the brand new Monster Tail travel loom that will be available in stores in April. (Stay tuned for a review on our Youtube channel!) Emily and Maddie also got their Rainbow Looms signed by Choon.rainbow loom event

While the adults (and Emily) were chit chatting, Maddie got to hang out with the kids from Startup Grind and Choon’s teenage daughter Theresa. (She is the tall one in the back of the photo.)

rainbow loom

We all left feeling inspired and energized – not only about Rainbow Loom, but also about running our own small business.

And yes, Choon is working on some new products. We won’t give away any secrets, but they sound mighty exciting!

How to Make the Dragon Scale

dragon scale bracelet

The Dragon Scale appears to be one of the most popular Rainbow Loom Designs. We wish we made it up:)

We used silver and gold metallic bands for our bracelet. We love the look!

Want to make one? Cheryl Mayberry is the original inventor of this bracelet, so we are including her video tutorial:

How to Make a Flashback

flashback rainbow loom

We love our new Flashback Rainbow Loom design!

What do you think of the above color scheme? We used our new flesh coloured bands, along with olive green and teal. Awesome!

This design is a great project for those of you who are looking for something a little less challenging.

flashback rainbow loom

flashback rainbow loom

If you’d  like to give the Flashback a whirl, watch our video tutorial:

How to Make an Atomic Weave

atomic weave

Our latest creation, the Atomic Weave, is one of our new faves! We think it looks awesome!

If you want to make a statement and wow all your friends, then you should definitely give this one a whirl!

atomic weave

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to make it:

How to Make a Minecraft Creeper

minecraft creeper

I know. You haven’t played Minecraft since you started looming, but why not take a walk down memory lane and create some Minecraft Creepers? They’re fun and easy to make.

Learn how to make them by watching this video by Elegant Fashion 360:


How to Make a Watermelon Charm

watermelon rainbow loom

If you are dreaming of lazy summer days like we are, then why not make a Watermelon Charm? Is there a fruit more synonymous with happy summer days?

Learn how to make one by watching this tutorial by Elegant Fashion 360: