13 thoughts on “How to Make the Star of Wonder

  1. Allen says:

    Do you buy your bands at the rainbow loom website? If so, do you buy them in packs of one or multiple colors?
    Thanks, Allen

  2. Emerson says:

    Hi my names Emerson I love all your creations. There awesome! I’m not as good as u are at looming. But I got something. But your amazing????I would love to meet u in real life!! Thanks????????

    • bbyirwin says:

      Omiel they have made the triple single bracelet it is in the easy bracelet archives and try making the very challenging or even the challenging just give it a try or make a lot of loom bracelets.

  3. Ginny Weasley says:

    Dear the worlds best looming website EVER (otherwise known as loomlove)
    I would really like to put some videos of my very own bracelets on the internet but I didn’t have an Instagram, instaloom or youtube account, and I was wondering if you could make a video of them and put them on youtube or your website or something. Thanks!!!!

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