Rubber Band Glam Book Review On Izzalicious Designs

izzalicious designs

We were over the moon to find out that the lovely Kate from Izzalicious Designs reviewed our book Rubber Band Glam on her Youtube Channel!!

Kate is one wickedly talented loomer, so were more than ecstatic to find out that she had some pretty nice things to say about our book. Thanks so much Kate!!!

You can check out her video review here:



4 thoughts on “Rubber Band Glam Book Review On Izzalicious Designs

  1. Livvy says:

    Hey LoomLove,

    Cool review from Izzalicious Designs, I’d love to buy your book. Just wanted to let you know of a bracelet pattern you’ve probably heard of, but haven’t posted, and I really like it! The tutorial’s in German, but you can figure out the pattern by watching. It’s called the Kreis Knoten, and here’s the link –
    Thanks for being a great website and looming resource, I love to always check for your posts!

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