194 thoughts on “How to Make a Bouncy Ball

    • LoomLove says:

      We found some bands work better than others. One of our balls bounced really well, the other one didn’t bounce as high.

    • Loom Crazy says:

      you need to stuff it with loads of bands though. I used ten and it only bounced one meter then landed with a roll. I used 20 and it worked, for ages.

  1. Texas says:

    Wow, this ball is so funny looking! But I don’t have a monster tail loom, can u make this on the rainbow loom

  2. Java says:

    Any way to make this on a proper rainbow loom? I don’t think many people have a monster tail.

      • Atelophobia says:

        A Monster Tail (R) is a small and portable mini loom. Great for making fishtails and other stuff that go down the loom

    • hermione11 says:

      I also dont have a monster tail.please make a video on making it with a rainbowloom

  3. hi says:

    I’m not trying to be a cyber bully but, loomlove on your second paragraph, you said “make on a monster tail” I think you were supposed to say made on a monster tail. to all those who think I am cyber bullying I am not trying to cyber bully and I’m just pointing it out to loomlove. P.S loomlove, I really like your site!!

  4. Tazmanian Devil (not from tazmania) says:

    Loomlove you really need to work out how to make it on normal rainbow loom because it seems really cool but not many people can make it because not many people are aloud monstertail or any other new loom board that comes out so please try to find out how to make on normal rainbow loom .

    Who is with me or if anyone has figured it put pease reply.

    • Marylee says:

      You just take out the middle part and do the exact same thing I have made like 10 so btw once you get the hang of it it’s so easy and I got addicted.

    • SavvyXD says:

      I agree… But basically, what you do to make this the same setup on the rainbow loom as CraftLife did for her lip balm case. If you haven’t watched that I recommend you watch it and look at the setup she did for the rainbow loom. That is how you would set up the rainbow loom for the bouncy ball, and other crafts that require monster tail but you may use rainbow loom as well.
      Hope I helped ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Loom Crazy says:

      I made it on the loom NOT monster tale. first time didn’t work second try it did. Whooopee!

    • I love loom love!???? says:

      Yes I agree with u! I’ve tried it about 4 times and it still didn’t work out on the loom!Pls show us how to do it on a regular loom….

  5. Baitoey says:

    This ball is really amazing! I make a lot and bouncing this make my younger sister become crazy catching them.

  6. Hello says:

    Just found your website today and I can’t leave it.
    You explain everything step by step.
    PS other videos make triple single look have but it’s very easy when I looked at yours.

    • newbie says:

      How do you manage to get the pattern? I want to make a volleyball but can’t seem to get the pattern…

  7. Gingembre says:

    Bonjour Je l’ai fait une douzaine de fois sur le mรฉtier d’arc. S’il vous plaรฎt commentaire.

  8. Loom crafter says:

    Mine got out of shape and didn’t bounce at all and I used a bunch of bands and I wasted all those colours

  9. Loom crafter says:

    Plus I don’t have a monster tail so I was using the rainbow loom and when I ended it it looked like a cucumber or squash

    So I used rubber bands to fix it but it bounces everywhere

  10. Naomi says:

    I loved this! It is annoying as I don’t have the monster tail loom. My cousin tried this on my rainbow loom board but It did not work! ๐Ÿ™

  11. Lithra says:

    Il fonctionne sur un rรฉgulier!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ je suis un fan de rainbow mรฉtier.

    • Simley Face ? says:

      Bonjour Lithra!
      Je aime de rainbow mรฉtier aussi!
      Il est incroyable et si intelligent!

      Simley Face! ?

  12. SavvyXD says:

    To all those people who are wondering if you can make it on the rainbow loom-yes, you can! It is possible! I just made it on my rainbow loom. To set it up, take out the middle row and move the big center piece to the right, next to the left small piece. Next, make sure the left small piece is all the way to the left! Now, reverse the bottom row so that it’s facing the opposite direction the top row is. It should look like this now! (The > and < and the pegs) The | is the end of the big piece.The [ is the end of the small piece.
    < < < < < < <| < < < [< < > > > > > >| > > > [> > >
    You should make the bouncy ball in between the big piece and the small piece, so that it has room.
    It is not as easy to stuff the bands into the ball on the rainbow loom as it is on the monster tail, so make sure to hold the bands down while you do the other things.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ hope this helped!

  13. SavvyXD says:

    Oops! I meant move the big center piece to the LEFT, not right! And leave the right small piece where it is.
    Sorry! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. SavvyXD says:

    ๐Ÿ™ man, it took out my spaces…. On my first message, where it’s all in a line, where the pegs reverse, like this: [<>, the >> should be on another line. Sorry! D:

  15. newbie says:

    Hey! I love this video. But, is is possible to make a volleyball charm using this method? I’m really confused as to how should I structure the bands in order for me to get the shape. Would love it if you could help me with it. Thanks a lot!

  16. Loom Crazy says:

    I saw this when it was put on the web and looked at the comments, I was so discouraged to make it. I don’t have a monster tale (like everyone else) but made on that bounces so so so high. I first looked for the other one you SAID you had in the video, were you can make it on the loom but I couldn’t find it so I tried by taking the middle one out and it worked. You should still do a video on the loom.
    Ps. love your web, hope you put the video on.

  17. Loller who loves looms says:

    I love this design but i don’t have a monster tail!! How do i do this design on a rainbow loom? Anyone know?!?!?! If u find out or already know please reply!!

  18. DIY girl says:

    This is really cool mine really bounces. I love the colours that I made it. My friend wants to make one to but she does not have a monster tail.

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  20. Timi Czirbesz says:

    hey, i dont have a loom, could you maybe try and find a way of making a ball like this but withot the loom?i would like to do it with my hands

  21. Loom galore says:

    I made this on the rainbow loom and it worked out really well!!
    Although I see what you mean about it being hard to stuff when you make it on the rainbow loom… So instead of stuffing the bands like you did, I created an round oval-ball shape by wrapping the bands around eachother continuously and then put it in along with some loose bands ๐Ÿ™‚
    And to everyone who wants to know how to set up your rainbow loom for this, simply remove the middle piece and use any six pegs which don’t have the base underneath them. It might stretch your bands a little more because the rainbow loom is obviously bigger than the monster tail though.
    I think it should also be possible to make this with two forks, as they could represent the six pegs??

    Loom love, I LOVE your website and youtube channel!!
    I used to be SUCH a loom disaster (I could only make the single lol) and since I used your wonderful website, I am now starting to make some of the far more advanced bracelets! So thank you so much xx

  22. Sinead says:

    It’s imposable I don’t have a monster thing and I could not do the crossing over bit

    Is it possible to do it on fingers ?

  23. craft master says:

    you can do this on the rainbow loom you just take out the middle,if you have another type of loom its just a bit harder.(if you look it up on youtube there is a tutorial for the rainbow loom (youtube is helpful for that kind of thing) i’v made five in my rainbow loom so far!

  24. Alicia says:

    can you make these larger.. My son already like his I made and he was surprised it actually bounced

  25. Taylore says:

    This is so cool loomlove loomlove how do you come up with stuff fits so awesome please answer back

  26. Alyssa says:

    I made 1 bouncy ball and it was made perfectly. if only i have monster tail i could make it properly cuz’ i only made it by pins.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Loom lover says:

    English time 11:37 am

    I made this on October 3rd but forgot to post a comment

    It is so awesome my ceiling is about two meters high, I bounced it so high it touched the ceiling

  28. kateie says:

    Help me…..why I cant makeca ball and I cant makd other thing lol.. plus I made at least have lot of fish tails and other stuff but. Looming hard I have I jumper ropd I made on my hands. So idk I have a lot of bands btw help if reading this ..I need to firuge out stuff orchexafish band plz . Btw I tried for 10 hour over and over it was waste I cqnt do it I could have been playing animal jam. Com ….my favorite game people.] Ppppppppplllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz
    HELP ME out of the mess.

  29. BigSister2003 says:

    I thought it was pretty easy, but the stuffing part…I just can’t get it to stay put! Tip:if you are doing the twisted band layer, then put the two bars next to each other on the original loom. stuff, then get the one banded layer put together, then you can close it off.


  30. BiggestSister2003 says:

    This ball is so cool! If you do one peg (on the top and bottom both) wider then you can slip a ball inside and have a bigger ball!

  31. BiggestSister2003 says:

    I’m also thinking of starting a website with my sister because my dad is really good with technological things and my sister loves your videos.

  32. BiggestSister2003 says:

    When I say “make it bigger” in my first comment today, I mean on the original rainbowloom loom.

    ; )

  33. Sarah Bandzzzz says:

    Ahh! This is my 5th try and I keep getting to the very last step, bring over the very last band to the center, and then that band breaks! Even though I am using official Rainbow Loom bands, they won’t work!


  34. Sarah Bandzzzz says:


    Finally, on my 5th try, I did it! Instead of using a looming rubber band, I used a normal one. It looks like an egg and doesn’t really bounce (even though I stuffed 20 Bands) but I am proud of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Val says:

    I keep on trying to make it on the Cra-Z-Loom but I can’t. LoomLove can you help me? Please Reply someone!

  36. Tyraaa says:

    i’ve made my bouncy ball ,but in the proces time my bands have lot get tear out so i just take it all of cause it was very hard because i dont have any monster tail

  37. naomi says:

    Thanks for the tutorial it was great I got it the first time its so cool.
    I wanted to make it ages ago but I did”t have a monster tail loom.

  38. charlotti1 says:

    You can make this on two forks back to back, keeping them still with sticky tape or a doubled-over hair band.

  39. Ragini Sen says:

    Dear LoomLove I LOVE your website. I just have one request, my country is India and
    I just want to ask you that from your next giveaway could you please include India
    as one of the countries allowed to participate in your giveaways?

    Thank You

    PS. I do not want to participate in any of your giveaways, this is just for the other loomers in India.

    • LoomLove says:

      Ragini, I’m not sure when we will be having another giveaway. Probably soon. The problem is the cost of shipping to some of the international countries. It’s WAAYYY CRAZY!

  40. Ragini Sen says:

    I made 2 bouncy balls (not that bouncy but very nice). The first one turned out to be a giant rubberbandy colourful pill (Ha-Ha-Hee-Hee-Ho-Ho ๐Ÿ˜€ )! The second one was much better. (:O)

    PS. My mother says that looming is the first activity I have taken up without the help
    of my parents. I have reached that level because of YOU!!!

  41. Kool Aid says:

    Just a suggestion: You should make a video on the super ball! (It’s the ball that you stretch bands over and it gets bigger) I made loads of those so I can teach you how to make them. Thanks! I ?? LoomLove!

  42. AwesomeSauce says:

    I love this bracelet so much! I made this for my friend and she loved it and she made me one too! I think the Hibscus flower rainbow loom bracelet is the same level? Is it? I made one of those when I went on a Disney cruise, and I brought the bouncy ball too! It really bounced.

  43. RainbowNuub says:

    I tried this but my ball was super tiny, I couldn’t tuck in bands and it didn’t bounce. ๐Ÿ™

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