18 thoughts on “How to Make a Watermelon Charm

  1. Grace says:

    Hi Emily, Maddie and Mom,
    I have seen the bands you use for the center of the watermelon before. My friend found some at Michaels. Where did you get yours? I would love to have some!

  2. Coolkid365 says:

    I already made this adorable little watermelon charm. You posted a tutorial that was easy to follow, but where do you get those metallic burgundy bands and those mineral-greenish bands? Thanks for a bunch of great tutorials that occupy my time!

  3. Loom lover says:

    I love the water melon I made them for me and all my friends in all different colours it was so cool

  4. I.HEART.LOOM.LOVE says:

    I love Loom Love! This charm is cool! I’m going to make one right now! Thanks for all of the cool tutorials Loom Love! You rock!

  5. I.HEART.LOOM.LOVE says:

    A cool idea would be top use pink and black tie dye bands so it would be like a watermelon with seeds in it.

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