47 thoughts on “How to Make Fruit Off the Loom: Pear and Pineapple

  1. Isabella says:

    I like them alot I just invented a bracelet that looks like a caterpillar and any day I will post a tutorial for it. I hope u like it loom love!!! 🙂

  2. Maya says:

    They are so,
    cute great job loom love these are just amazing!!!
    Just a suggestion maybe you could put up some of feelinspiffy’s happy foods as well they are just adorable as these little fruits.

  3. Pozdaloomer says:

    Second ! Oh and loom love I entered your giveaway and then the raffle copter widget said I wasn’t entered and my comment was gone 🙁

  4. Gracie Bonnet says:

    Hi LoomLove, I love your website and all your amazing designs! I’ve made like 10 pineapples already 😛 Just wondering, which website builder did you use?

  5. Alice says:

    can you do a tutorial for like the cherry and the bananas and the oranges please cuz these are so cool and I want to know how to make the rest of the fruits

  6. shortleaf says:

    I think grapefruits and blueberries would be cool. for the grapefruit you could just do a yellow circle, and for the blueberries, you could do cherries without the stems and just make them blue. 😀

  7. Quackling DUCK says:

    Hi loom love and others can u girls make fruit on the loom because it will easier for me because I am a newbie <3 😀

  8. Aishlyn says:

    Hi Emily and Maddie I was wondering if you could please do a tutorial on the banana, grapes and watermelon? I would love to make them. Bye Aishlyn

  9. Krysten says:

    i just made these. they are so cute and so simple! thank you for posting this. i would have never found a lot of my rainbow loom creations, without Loom Love.

  10. Isabella George says:

    Wow that was so food but it is so easy after I watched the video I could do it on my own the bye 🙂 ;(

  11. Loomer says:

    Hey mabey you should make a loomband bowl and put all the fruits inside that will be cool and also a tutorial of a somthing im not a fan of but kiwi or peach,i dont know something like that

  12. smiley face says:

    I made them both and they came out perfect. Thanks MBM! 🙂 It take 15 minutes to make them.

  13. christyf says:

    I made all of the “fruit off the loom” series! Super easy! These, are the proof that “hook only” designs can be very easy!!

  14. OMG says:

    These thingies are cuter than…anything actually! I made a cherry pair, three bananas, the watermelon slice, and I really want to try to make the pear or the pineapple now. Made by Mommy, you rock! Loomlove, I wouldn’t be able to make my buckets of bracelets without you guys! Just a suggestion, could you try to make plums or blueberries? Thank you so much sisters!

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