How to Make a Carnival Bracelet

carnival rainbow loom bracelet

The Carnival bracelet is one of our most striking designs. We love the look of it!

The two bracelets above were made using two looms. The yellow Carnival Bracelet below was made on one loom.

carnival rainbow loom bracelet

They’re both awesome!

carnival rainbow loom

carnival rainbow loom

Want to make a Rainbow Loom Carnival bracelet? Watch our tutorial for making one on a single loom:


How to Make a Taffy Twist

taffy twist rainbow loom

With a name like that, who could resist making this fantastic little bracelet?

We love the Taffy Twist! (We also love The Reverso, which often gets confused with the Taffy Twist.)

taffy twist rainbow loom

Want to make your own Taffy Twist? Watch this video by the Official Rainbow Loom:


How to Make a Twizzler Bracelet

twizzler rainbow loom This bracelet design reminds us of licorice Twizzlers!

We love the look of this bracelet with clear and neon bands, but it also looks great in other colors.

twizzler rainbow loom

twizzler rainbw loomWant to make your own Twizzler bracelet? Watch our video:

How to Make a Moxie Bracelet

moxie rainbow loomIntroducing the Moxie –  the one and only Rainbow Loom bracelet invented by our mom! It’s a whimsical bracelet that looks great in a variety of colors.

moxie rainbow loom

moxie rainbow loomWant to make your own Moxie bracelet? Watch our video tutorial:

How to Make an Anchor Charm

anchor charm rainbow loom

Ahoy Matey!! Time to get Nautical with this Rainbow Loom Anchor Charm.

This would be perfect for the sailor in your family!

anchor charm rainbow loom

To make your own Anchor Charm watch this video tutorial by Crafty Ladybug:

How to Make a Knot Bracelet

knot rainbow loomWe love it when we discover a new pattern that’s easy enough for  beginners!

The Knot bracelet is simple to make and we love how it looks!

knot rainbow loom

Make your own Rainbow Loom Knot bracelet by watching this tutorial by RainbowLoomGirl: