51 thoughts on “How to Make an Anchor Charm

    • Alex says:

      I love the idea and creation but I can’t do it ,all my bands keep on snapping
      (Is it my bands or the method)???

      • Anonomous says:

        hi (: it may be your bands! but mine were fine and are cheap quality:) so i reccomend that you wrap the bands around the peg 3-4 times instead of 5, seems like not too much of a difference but it REALLY loosens up everything, and the anchor turns out still amazing!
        hope this helped to all the loomers out there struggling with this

    • I tried! says:

      I tried twice and both of the times all the bands at the top snapped so I am just going to try the double band , and also Only putting the end bands round 3 times instead of 5 🙂

  1. BMO says:

    That is sooooo cute!! I really want to make this, but I need a crochet hook because my other hooks are bent a little bit from the Mozart’s Piano… ;( 🙁

    • Rachel says:

      SAME!!!!! there was too much tension and I could not release enough pressure and it was hard to do the capping band 5 times do i did it three but then I gave up because it was too frustrating when I kept snapping the bands. Any help on How not to ???

  2. Narelle says:

    Oh I love this anchor charm. The five loop was challenging (some of my bands did snap too) and the bending the bottom parts to make them arch. But my end result I thought was pretty good. Thanks for sharing your video 🙂

  3. Blue lights and black nights says:

    lol i broke 4 rubberbands. and had to start over. TWICE 😀 but in the end it looked pretty okay.

  4. Sophie says:

    I know @AmyA I found that to and the bands snapped on me too.i found out if u use double bands without twisting them it works even better and is a lot easier.

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks soo much for the idea would u be able to use single bands without twisting them though???
      Thanks 🙂

  5. Amiz28 says:

    Sophie and Amy A my bands snapped as we’ll it gets so frustrating ????????. Does double bands really work better I’ll try that.
    Thnx Sophie!!

  6. Jerm says:

    I’m stuck at the top part where you’re supposed to loop the top 2 to the 3rd in the middle. Can you explain to me? As you are slightly too fast. Thank you.

  7. Shana says:

    tsk.. my bands broke wen i was looping them… i rly wanted to c what it looked like wen it finished too 🙁 oh well i guess i’ll try again later

  8. isabella says:

    i love this website!you all are so creative. i was wondering, do you make and exipiment with the braclets or do you look off of other websites? either way, you rock!!

  9. Megan says:

    This is ridiculous!! The pressure on the band is far to much and my bands all snapped! And it broke my loom in half!

  10. Jill says:

    I’ve tried it 3 times now and It doesn’t come out D:< I keep getting either a weird looking J or part of it ripes off and it comes out like a C. How do you loom the end parts where it's twisted 5 times, the middle and the anchors on top. And what it the term "cat band?".Does anyone know a better video on this that is explained better and isn't so fast.

  11. Spence says:

    Didn’t work again! I did it 4 times and nothing bands rip and it always falls apart in the middle. Any suggestions? Something I could be doing wrong? Thanks.

  12. Noor says:

    OMG!!!!!!this is so much stress….I had to restart it soo many times and it did not work….the rubber bands kept snapping and it was irritating

  13. Holly says:

    It took me ages to finally do it right as my bands kept snapping but finally have 16 tries I’ve made it. However I found it better to, when doing the bottom bit of the anchor that curves up, place my bands upwards on the loom instead of down. I didn’t have to curve it up then.

  14. marie says:

    everytime i looped the bands one of the bands in the middle top always snapped, so instead of twisting single bands i just used double bands without twisting, so if one of the bands snapped it wouldnt matter because there is another one to keep it together. i also placed my bands upward to do the curve instead of placing then downwards so the upward curve was natural

  15. Technique Expert says:

    I can see a lot of you are struggling to bend the bottom half of the anchor when it is off the loom , What I do if the pulling technique, shown in the video doesn’t work I simply take one tooth pick or a smaller hook, And thread it through one of the two ends , when it is through , I pull it up so that it is in the right curved position and then I keep threading so it goes through the main part if the anchor and then keep on threading so it goes through the 2nd curved part , Then I leave it 🙂

  16. Turshi says:

    The mid-section on my one is too long. I pulled and twisted just like you said but it doesnt contract, what do I do? 🙁

  17. Rain O> says:

    I love Anchors It reminds me of those old days when people had to sail around the place to migrate, trade, and explore new lands.

  18. Rain O> says:

    God can someone please help me ;-( . I am having a hard time with the two small arms . How can you bring it to the next band because there is NO bands under the cap band. Please someone respond to this. If you dont know how just go to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

  19. Mallory says:

    I tried to do this anchor but it didn’t go out good all my rubber band and I mean all of them broke and so did my hook I wish I could get more but I’m broke all out of money and my mom is on a budget

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