How to Make a Taffy Twist

taffy twist rainbow loom

With a name like that, who could resist making this fantastic little bracelet?

We love the Taffy Twist! (We also love The Reverso, which often gets confused with the Taffy Twist.)

taffy twist rainbow loom

Want to make your own Taffy Twist? Watch this video by the Official Rainbow Loom:



24 thoughts on “How to Make a Taffy Twist

  1. Taylor says:

    Hi Loom Love! How often do you loom? I loom at least once every day! And how often do you refill on bands? Thanks! I love your website and I check it everyday! I am sooooo thankful for Loom Love!!!!

  2. LoomloveMarz says:

    sooo cute taffy twist! So far I like this better then every other bracelet I’ve made INCLUDING 2 loom ones and starburst. (Seriously, personally I don’t even understand the fuss with those. I mean, there’s MUCH harder,trickier and PRETTIER bracelets around! )

  3. BMO says:

    This I soo cute!! I’m totally making this! I love the way you post up new bracelets we love. Great job! 😀 😀

    • Looming-In-Space says:

      Taffy is the American word for a chewy sweet or candy, such as what we call to be ‘Starbursts’ in the UK 🙂

  4. Ruth McKeown says:

    I just bought the book Suzanne published and I’m telling you , It’s amazing! Well Done Suzanne! Your book is great!

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