How to Make a Kaleidoscope Bracelet


Ellen Carpenter is a Rainbow Loom genius in our books. She is the one that came up with the UBER fabulous Kaleidoscope Bracelet pattern. This is one of the most exquisite bracelets we’ve made so far – and we have made dozens and dozens of patterns!

The hilarious thing about our bracelet is that when were making it (way too late at night!) we kept remarking on how crazy difficult it was (never mind ‘very challenging’, it was more like ‘OMG!’). But then we noticed that our mom had placed one of the rows on our Rainbow Loom incorrectly. We were half way through hooking when we noticed this, so we had to carefully work around it. We were bleary eyed by the time we pulled it off the loom. It is a miracle that we got through it with our bracelet intact!

Here it is before we removed it from the Rainbow Loom. Look closely and you will see that the left row is placed the wrong way:

kaleidoscope bracelet

We can’t wait to try this pattern again with all of our rows placed correctly!:)


Want to make your own Kaleidoscope Bracelet? Watch this video by Ellen Carpenter: (This is the updated version of the video released April 1, 2014)

How to Make a Totem Pole Bracelet

totem pole bracelet

We thought it was time to try out some of our fancy new bands – and the Totem Pole Bracelet seemed like the perfect fit! Truthfully, the fancy new bands (all the bands except for the white ones) are hair elastics! Not all hair elastics work well in Rainbow Loom bracelets, but these ones, which we purchased at our local dollar store, work like a charm.

totem bracelet

Learn how to make the Totem Pole Bracelet here:

How to Make a Minecraft Skeleton

minecraft skeleton

For a few weeks we were so busy looming, we forget to play Minecraft. We’re back into the game now, and we were thrilled to find a tutorial for a Minecraft Skeleton.

Want to make one? Check out this video by ElegantFashion: