How to Make a 3D Flower Bracelet

rose braceletWe’re not going to lie: the 3D Flower Bracelet from Justin’s Toys is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to have mastered lots of RL designs before you tackle this one.

But isn’t it cool?

flower bracelet justins toys

If you want to make your own 3D Flower Bracelet, you will have to watch three videos. Here they are:



30 thoughts on “How to Make a 3D Flower Bracelet

  1. Emily says:

    Looks cool! There’s a little too hard so I asked my sister for help and she was able to figure it out with me thank you for posting this video I thought it was an awesome bracelet!

  2. Emily says:

    Great bracelet! There’s a little too hard so I asked my sister for help and she was able to figure it out with me thank you for posting this video I thought it was an awesome bracelet!

  3. Lover of Looms says:

    Wow! This design is so pretty and cool. Sadly, I have only made Challenging and Easy designs, so I’m not sure if I have the skill and patience to attempt this.

  4. BMO says:

    Hi Loom Love!
    I was just wondering, since there are some Monster Tail tutorials out there, can you try to make a section for Monster Tail tutorials? It would just be easier if you could separate the Rainbow Loom tutorials and the Monster Tail tutorials.
    Just asking! You don’t have to do it.
    Thanks! 😉

  5. lilly the Galah! says:

    Hi!!!!!!! this bracelet is soooooooooooooooooo cool!!! I was wondering if maybe you could add this onto loom love, it is how to make the willis bracelet. It is a really cool looking bracelet and it would be cool if you made a recomendation on your website!
    P.s. first comment ever!

  6. SavvyXD says:

    This is very cool. I succeeded with making the flower and the sepals without any trouble, but when it actually came to the chain, I had problems. So first, it was going fine, and I was like “Hey, this is gonna turn out great!” But then.. A few minutes later, one of my “Neon” bands broke and I didn’t have any more of them, so I it replaced it with a Lime band and it looked fine. Well my troubles aren’t over yet. I discover that Another one of my neon bands breaks (the neon green bands aren’t rainbow loom brand, so that probably explains it, because my lime bands were fine and nothing bad happened with them), so I replace it (I managed to find one neon band on my desk). Well,when I come to looping it, I realized that when I replaced the band, I forgot to double it. Darn. Well then I figure I can just move some bands around and double that band, then move the bands back. Well, I moved the bands back wrong, so I tried to figure out what I did wrong. So I moved a big loop of bands back to where it was supposed to go, and it “unloops”. So, gr, that messes up the whole thing.
    Well I guess I’ll be starting over.
    Well it is later at night, and I’m not good at looming them because i tend to forget to place a certain band or forget to loop a band or whatever.
    Maybe tomorrow.

    • Hermione Granger says:

      Wow, that is some bad luck :/
      It makes my troubles where the bands that I put through the flower started slipping out when I was trying to apply it onto my loom seem like nothing. My bracelet came out so beautiful and sophisticated though 🙂

  7. prettyprincess02 says:

    I really loved this bracelet!!!
    It took me a lot of time, and it is super challenging, but give it a try

  8. Milly says:

    I really love all your bracelet designs!!! They are super cool. I have made so many bracelets and most of them are from your website!!

  9. Random Commentor says:

    I am stunned!
    It’s as if you just said STUPEFY!!!
    I got soooo stuck on the chain, and the hooking is so hard, but I find that the beautiful end result was worth it…

  10. MeganLydia12 says:

    I Love This Bracelet! Its Awesome That I Have This Website To Go To In The Summer When School Is Out So I’m Not Board! Thank You So Much For This Website!
    ~MeganLydia12 <3

  11. Mara James says:

    The bracelet wasn’t that hard. It should be in challenging, not very challenging it just scares people off. The only thing i found a bit hard was learning how to do the ivy chain but for the second half i remembered it and didn’t even have to use the video.

  12. Cat lvr says:

    I just did this when i was in a good mood. It took time, but it was really relaxing, and i only broke 2 bands in the ivy chain!! the flower turned out to be fun to make, so i made several and made this into a cute little rainbow loom bouqet
    and my friend loved it

  13. Kizzi says:

    Great present for my mum. Little hard to make though. One of my bands snapped when I did the second step! 🙁

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