How to Make a Rope Bridge Bracelet

rope bridge rainbow loom

The Rope Bridge Bracelet gets two thumbs up from us! It’s definitely one of the most unique looking Rainbow Loom bracelets we’ve made.

Here it is up close:

rope bridge

Awesome, don’t you agree?

rope bridge

We succeeded in making it in our first attempt by watching this tutorial by Master Loomer:


5 thoughts on “How to Make a Rope Bridge Bracelet

  1. Orly says:

    great video! it really hepled me with my bracelet! Mine turned out great! Your so creative!
    Keep On Loomin’

  2. schnoozs says:

    Just a suggestion. On the first row of bands, if you put one more yellow at the end of each side and hook them to the middle pin, you will be able to hook each one to the middle and each one will grab all of those bands on each last peg. Much easier than trying to move them all by hand to the middle peg when you’re done. Love this bracelet. Good job on the video!!

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