How to Make a Sun Charm

sun charm Now you can make a “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun” charm on your Rainbow Loom.

We used beads for eyes instead of bands. Cute eh?

Watch this tutorial by Gaby’s Bracelets to learn how to make a happy little Sun Charm:

How to Make a Zen Bracelet

zen rainbow loom

If you are looking for an easy bracelet design to try, you will love the Rainbow Loom Zen Bracelet.

Here it is with Bubble Bands:

zen rainbow loom

BTW, this is not the same as TutorialsByA’s Single Fish Bracelet, as some of you have stated on our Youtube channel.

Want to make your own Zen Bracelet:


How to Make a Shuffle Bracelet

shuffle rainbow loom

The instant we saw this on the RL Member Zone, we just had to make it! It’s hands down one of our favourite Rainbow Loom bracelets.

The bracelet is a wee time consuming, but it’s not difficult.

Want to make your own Shuffle Bracelet? Watch this:

How to Make a Super Stripe Fishtail

super stripe fishtailWe’ve got one word for Justin’s Toys Super Stripe Fishtail: amazing!!!

This bracelet is not for beginners. You’ll need plenty of looming experience before you tackle this.

super stripe fishtail

Here is Emily sporting her fab Super Stripe Fishtail:

super striped fishtail

super striped fishtailWant to make your own Super Stripe Fishtail? Watch this video: