How to Make the Nautique

nautique rainbow loom

We’ve been eying the Nautique Rainbow Loom bracelet pattern for a while and finally got around to making it. The pattern reminds us of a hand-knit sweater.

It took quite a while to make, but it’s definitely a winner!!

You can make your own Nautique Rainbow Loom bracelet by following this video by AllysBracelets:

How to Make the Arrow Stitch Bracelet

arrow stitch rainbow loom

Behold, the ravishing Arrow Stitch Rainbow Loom bracelet. This is definitely one of our favourite designs. We used silver metallic bands for the ‘arrows’ to make the pattern even more striking. You can buy them here.

arrow stitch rainbow loom

Beware: this pattern is not for newbies. You should have completed a few of the simpler patterns before you tackle this. Even though we’ve made heaps of bracelets, it took us a couple attempts to nail it down.

If you’d like to make your own Arrow Stitch Rainbow Loom Bracelet, watch this video:


How to Make a Rainbow Loom Action Figure

action figure rainbow loom

The Rainbow Loom wizard over at PG’s Loomacy  keeps coming up with so many amazing projects that just HAD to try one. We decided to start with the Basic Action Figure before we move on to some of the more complicated ones.

We were pretty proud of ourselves that it turned out so great!

action figure rainbow loom

Here is the tutorial by PG’s Loomacy that teaches you how to make it:

How to Make a Rope Bridge Bracelet

rope bridge rainbow loom

The Rope Bridge Bracelet gets two thumbs up from us! It’s definitely one of the most unique looking Rainbow Loom bracelets we’ve made.

Here it is up close:

rope bridge

Awesome, don’t you agree?

rope bridge

We succeeded in making it in our first attempt by watching this tutorial by Master Loomer:

How to Make a Cupcake Charm

cupcake charms rainbow loom

Our cupcake charms are originals! We came up with this idea after devouring a cupcake that our mom made!

We decided to make ‘chocolate’ cupcake charms, but you could also make vanilla cupcakes, using yellow bands instead of brown.

We think the red bead is the perfect finishing touch for the cupcake, but you can still make it without one.

rainbow loom cupcake charms

Here is our video tutorial on How to Make a Rainbow Loom Cupcake Charm:

How to Make an Upsy Daisy Twistzy Wistzy

upsy daisy twistzy wistzy We got our hands on a few tie dye loom bands, and decided to save them for our Upsy Daisy Twistzy Wistzy bracelet from Rainbow Loom.

What do you think?

We are super pleased with how it turned out!

upsy daisy twistzy wistzy

Want to give it a try? Check out this tutorial from Rainbow Loom:

How to Make a Keyboard Piano Bracelet

keyboard piano bracelet - rainbow loomWe’ve been taking piano lessons for a few years and knew instantly that we HAD to make this Keyboard Piano Bracelet from Justin’s Toys. Pretty original, don’t you think?

This bracelet takes quite a while to make. It would be a perfect gift for a piano teacher or someone else that you know who loves to play piano.

piano rainbow loom bracelet

Unfortunately, the video from Justin’s Toys that we used to make our bracelet is no longer online. However, there is still a video for the Keyboard Bracelet using one loom: