How to Make a Dazzle Bracelet

dazzle rainbow loom

Want to dazzle your friends with an awesome, new one-of-a-kind Rainbow Loom design?

dazzle rainbow loom

Make the Dazzle bracelet! This bracelet will be one of the stars in your collection.

dazzle rainbow loomSo striking!

dazzle rainbow loom

Learn how to make the Rainbow Loom Dazzle Bracelet  by watching our video tutorial:

Loomey Time Watches

loomey time watchNow you can sport fabulous Rainbow Loom designs and know what time it is!

Loomey Time Watches give you the ability to design your own Rainbow Loom watch bands.

loomey time watchesKeep in mind that not all bracelet designs will work. We had success with the Starburst, Cube and Warrior patterns, as shown in the photos.

We gave one to our friend for her birthday and she loved it!

Watches are $8.49 and come in a variety of colours. You can purchase them here.

loomey time warrior watch


loomey time starburst watch

How to Make a Loop Bracelet


loop rainbow loom

Looking for a brand new Rainbow Loom bracelet design that doesn’t take long to make? Try the LoomLove Loop!

We used our DIY metallic bands for the purple Loop bracelet pictured above. The metallic bands give it a great look!

Here it is with solid color and clear Rainbow Loom bands:

loop rainbow loom

And in pink:loop rainbow loom

Want to make your own Loop bracelet? Watch our tutorial:

How to Make a Loopy Triple Single

loopy-triple-single-rainbow-loomLooking for Rainbow Loom bracelet that is a little edgy and offbeat? Try the Loopy Triple Single!

This bracelet has attitude- especially when it’s sporting metallic bands!

triple single loop rainbow loom

Learn how to make your own by watching this tutorial by Arty Crafty:

How to Make a Bliss Bracelet

bliss rainbow loom

Making Rainbow Loom bracelets is, well, bliss – so why not create a Bliss Bracelet?

There’s nothing complicated about this design, so if you are still fairly new to RL, this is a great design to tackle.

bliss bracelet rainbow loom

Want to make a Rainbow Loom Bliss bracelet? Watch our tutorial: