How to Make a Rotini Bracelet

rotini rainbow loomKrystel, one of our Facebook fans, sent us a photo of this Rainbow Loom bracelet design. She wanted to know how to make it. We hunted high and low for the design, but could not find a tutorial. So we took the matter into our own hands (literally!) and made a tutorial.

We call this design the Rotini. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t have any trouble making this design. rotini rainbow loomLovin’ this colour combo on the Rainbow Loom Rotini:

rotini rainbow loom

Want to make your own Rotini bracelet? Watch this tutorial:


149 thoughts on “How to Make a Rotini Bracelet

  1. Leona says:

    I love your website I have never seen so many different kinds of rainbow loom bracelets in one place. It is very organized and I can’t choose which bracelet I want to d next there is so many of them. I come on you website nearly every day. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. Crystal says:

    Luv your website literally adore it.Every day I come on it and see a great design luvvvvvvv it keep up good work and please add more.

    P.s= Please can you answer because I get happy

  3. Lizzie says:

    Cool bracelet I just got stuck at the very end darn 🙁 I was looking forward to showing it of at school

    • ME says:

      How did you do the emoji? I tried on my tablet but it did not work! See!

  4. Marga says:

    Hi loomlove i found this really nice bracelet called the citrus bracelet by officially loomed. It’s really nice! Its easy too! Its a cool thing to try to loom!

  5. Molly says:

    wow this is really cool! it stands out, and even though it looks a bit tough it is actually really easy! i love this bracelet and this website is also super amazing!

    • SavvyXD says:

      Good job! I went from Basic Level when I first started looming, straight to Advanced.. XD I can make most everything, but sometimes I’m too lazy .o. I’m too scared to try the Sailors Pinstripe or the Snake Belly though! :3
      Oh, btw, loomlove, could you please make more tutorials for the Monster Tail? I just got one, and I’m so excited!

      • Loomy Leopard says:

        The Sailor’s Pinstripe is WAY easier than the Snake Belly! If you have lots of bands, time and patience you will be able to to it. It’s basically just a single with double bands, and bands through the center.

        • Rainbow Loom Addict says:

          Well Izzy the monster tail is a newer rainbow loom product the is basically shaped the same way but much smaller 3 pegs on each side ( there is two sides so that would make six pegs total plus two ones in the outer middle row which would then make it eight pegs) people use these to make thinks like hexafish and other bracelets similar to this, i have also seen tutorials to make lipstick/ chapstick holders with them. They are used to make many things. You can buy the monster tail off of Rainbow Looms website they consider it to be a “travel loom” (Includes: 1 Monster Tail™ Loom, 1 Mini Rainbow Loom®, 600+ Latex-Free Mixed Color Rubber Bands (colors may vary), 1 Rainbow Loom® Plastic Hook, 25 Large C-clips, 1 Instructional Manual with Anti-Counterfeit Secret Code.) And here is the site link on which you may purchase one from Rainbow Looms website.
          I hope this helped you Izzy!! ~ Rainbow Loom Addict

  6. Sue G says:

    This took some patience. I had to start over four times before I got it right. The video starts slowly with the easy part and then goes too fast with the harder parts. I had to rewatch it several times.The final result is cute though!

    • Amy says:

      It’s not hard, it doesn’t go to hard either I’m 11 I’m a beginner so you should be able to do it if I can do it first time

  7. SavvyXD says:

    Mine ended up looking more like a Taffy Twist… It barely looks like what yours looked like. I did your exact colours you used in the tutorial, but mine just looks like a purple, blue, pink, and green Taffy Twist. I twisted the bands 2-3 times around just like you said. Can you tell me what I might have done wrong, LoomLove?
    -P.S. I love your site! I check it every day and I always wake up thinking ‘hey, maybe LoomLove has a new tutorial! What could it be today?!’ 😀 keep up the awesome work!

  8. Princess G. says:

    Love this! I love your website! It has everything I need to know about loom! And you have all the tutorials! 😀 Keep posting! Thanks much! 🙂

  9. fallow11 says:

    I havn’t finished because I couldn’t understand how you make the rest of the boarder band when you’ve finished twisting the bands please help by replying 🙁

    • Awesome Looms says:

      @fallow11 I did it and basically you twist all the three bands and put it onto the opposite peg with your hook. When you’ve done that all the way down the loom, then loop the single border bands. Hope this helps! 😉

  10. funnygirl22! says:

    hey, i don’t know how to ‘pull back the capping band and grab the one that goes forward’ and i don’t even understand what that means help! somebody!

    • Awesome Looms says:

      Its like a single. Like you pull back the capping band and grab the bottom band and hook it to the next peg.

      • Suzie says:

        This was really helpful, thank you! Do you twist the bottom band and then hook it onto the next peg?

    • Miss_Blingy says:

      Hi LoomLove,
      I love this website, I am basically on it everyday, even after and before school. Are you planning on adding more designs to this site?? I would love that, I basically made everything using one loom. . . Can you also add the zippy chain to this site I love that one, I keep forgetting how to make it. . . I made my own design of the triple single, it looks more tidier and tighter to look good. . . I think you will like it. . .



  11. funnygirl22! says:


  12. funnygirl22! says:


    • Jess says:

      i felt like that at first, you just push the cap band back ad grab whatever the video tells you over so its like teardrop shape. hope this helped

  13. Maritza hellen says:

    I love your websites…
    Your tutorial was so verrrryyyy simple….
    I think this websites was my faves…

  14. Marianna says:

    Hi LoomLove 🙂
    I just wanted to say how do I do that on pencils or my own fingers?I don’t have a loom and I’m a beginner.

    By the way,I love this site and I came here 2 days ago!!!Keep up the good work =D

  15. Lois says:

    Wow it’s so cool can you show me how to make the Ziggle Zaggle Bracelet using “The Monster Tail”Loom?Thx!

  16. Alanna says:

    Hi loom love saw this design and fell in love with it. I made a single rotini and then made a double rotini saw just now you put a tutorial up. I wonder if our designs are the same?

  17. THE G MAJOR says:

    First, This Came Out Beautiful For Me, Thanks For The Video!
    Second, You Might Be Pulling It Off Too Hard Beth, Its Happened To Me Too. 😉

  18. It's pandaaa says:

    Hey loom love!i really really love your website beacause it’s soo very very helpful to do some bracelet I just want to tell you that I’m so obsessed with your website!thank you for this website??????????

  19. girl says:


  20. Kiki says:

    This bracelet did not work at all for me and I certainly wouldn’t call it a beginners design. Everything was fine until you got to the capping band, from that point on you’re extremely vague about which bands and how many at a time we should be looping, and though I re watched those parts about ten times you have the camera at a bad angle and move too fast for me to see what you did. When you say to push back the capping band and grab the “top” band, I don’t know if you mean both of them or just the one that isn’t on bottom, it kinda sounds like you say “bands” but then you say “it” so I assumed you meant only one. Same with the other side, starting at the capping band I have no idea what you mean by “that last band.” The top? Bottom? I gave my best guess both times but the result was not a bracelet.

  21. Soccerlover15 says:

    This is a comment for the new give-a-way. The rotini is my favorite design ever! I love all kinds of twists and I do twists for my hair all of the time! This is seriouslya one of a kind bracelet!

  22. jac jolly says:

    I can do everything apart from the thing with the figure of eight where U pull it over pls help I rely need to know how to do it so I can put it on my website

  23. Meghan says:

    Just got my loom a few days ago, and this design looks super easy to do! I will be trying it when I get home from work. Thanks!

  24. Ladaveya says:

    This was so easy.It was juat the twisting part that got me.Besides that it was totes awesome.Keep it up.

  25. Maureen says:

    I have same comment as Kiki above. About to try for 3rd time.
    It’s the procedure after the twisting section. Re capping band and which loop to pull through!

  26. Eve says:

    I love this design I have made it like 20 times! I love this website so much the designs are amazing!

  27. Aisha says:

    Beginners did u say? O.o

    I got stuck on 6:00, what bands did you pull over so that it looked twisted and how many bands? I seem to have 3! HELP SOMEONE PLZ!

  28. Terry Fearn says:

    I loved this brcelet, so simple but yet so unique!
    I really enjoyed making this and have about 10.

  29. ItsJustMe23 says:

    I love this website. I always wanted to learn how to make different bracelets/charms. Thanks loomlove!!!

  30. lauren says:

    It snapped when i took it off why they are always snapping i feel left out cant i can hardly do any loom bands im not gonna say ihate u because it only works for cever cool people

  31. Suzie says:

    I dont understand how to carry on from the point where you put a purple band round three times. From there which bands do you lift to place on the other pin, and do you twist them etc? Im really confused! Help would be nice, thanks!:)

  32. Mariana says:

    I love this one! Of the few that I can actually make (as someone who just got started 3 days ago) this is my favorite.

  33. Courtney says:

    Dear LoomLove,

    This bracelet is SO cool. Also, I was experimenting, and I discovered how to make Infinity Bracelet a different, easier, way, which was great. Can I do a tutorial on the Infinity Bracelet using a similar method to this? I’d mention that you created this bracelet, and that it inspired me.

    From Courtney S

  34. Aisyah says:

    This bracelet is amazing!!!!I even can make 10 of them now!But i mess up a bit,so i got to start again. =)

  35. Chloe says:

    I had to “edit” sever times on several sections, either on one side or both. It took me almost 2hrs to finally finish this design. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  36. Noriene Aiene The Loomer says:

    I love the look of this bracelet! I am suprised that you make many creations or find creations for us,loomers.

    Your Loomer and Loom Lover,
    Noriene Aiene Lorenzo Castro


  37. odinka says:

    I come from Slovenia and our bands snap in no time. Not difficult bracelet to make but i think that five of my border bands snaped when i took it of.
    GORGEOUS design tho…

  38. Electra says:

    I got a Rainbow Loom kit yesterday, like literally yesterday, found your site today and I’m already overwhelmed! I don’t know which bracelet to do next! I’ve already made twothick singles and a dragon scale cuff.

  39. Electra says:

    I got a Rainbow Loom kit yesterday, like literally yesterday, found your site today and I’m already overwhelmed! I don’t know which bracelet to do next! I’ve already made two thick singles and a dragon scale cuff.

  40. r loom fanatic says:

    LOL i wore this to school today and got a bunch of ” OMG that is so cool!…How did u even MAKE that??????” They thought i was bragging when i said it was actuall pretty easy.

  41. Lauren says:

    I love your website!!! I tried doing the Rotini bracelet but my bands kept on snapping. 🙁 You did a great job in the video, though. 🙂

  42. Tia Sary says:

    Omg Super Easy, I want Tell You about one but i don’t know where to publish it. I actually did it by a mistake i was doing the new magic one buy tutorialbya ( a youtube chanel ) and i hooked it worng and a strange bracelet came up to me i really love it and i called it circlcity ( I know its a strange name but if you have any ides please tell me i cheack comments everyday ) 😀

  43. frankie says:

    This bracelet looks awesome. I tried to make it but it just fell apart at the end 🙁 This website is AWESOME!

  44. Kitty says:

    loving colour combos!
    im gonna use alternating dark and light blue 4 the twisty bits, and then use the black 4 the border.

  45. RainbowLoomFan123 says:

    This is a really cool bracelet. My sister saw it and wanted me to make it for her. This bracelet is really cool and also great for begginers, like my sister. Everybody who is learning how to use the rainbowloom should try this one!

  46. fail 10000000 times says:

    its such a cool bracelet. :0 But i keep messing up when i take it of the loom. It keeps doing the mistake over and over again. 🙁

  47. Ova Sova says:

    Ahahaha. THis is genius. I have a lot of homework, but I’m making this, cuz u guys are geniuses!! Very good, keep it up!!!!
    ~ Ova (Don’t you say anything, I know my name’s weird) ~

  48. LOL says:

    Woohoo! i did it! i failed one time, but i started over and now i didn’t fail!!!!!!!!
    my bracelet looks kinda fat compared to the picture. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. I love loom love!???? says:

    I just adore this bracelet!But PLEASE can you make a minion charm! I can’t find the tutorial anywhere!Also l would prefer it to be on the rainbow loom.
    Thanks anyway,
    Loom Love Lover.

  50. vimbayi says:

    made it today and its very easy .I was confused on putting the three loom bands but I finally made it woooooooooooooooooooow .

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