How to Make a Corset Bracelet


To say we are smitten with ILOVEHUE’s Youtube channel is an understatement! After making the Corset, we were hooked. Literally! Since then we have made several more of this channel’s bracelet designs, which we will be posting on here soon!

Isn’t this bracelet pure eye candy? We love the colour combo too!

If you’d like to make your own Rainbow Loom Corset bracelet, watch this video:


38 thoughts on “How to Make a Corset Bracelet

    • Just2Awesome says:

      A Hermione Granger, a Ginny Weasley, and a girl obsessed with Harry Potter commenting right now…Hmmm…Quite a pickle here…Ginny I hate you for marrying Harry! I loved him since the beginning!!! (P.S. I really like Ginny, but she’s really stubborn. Like me 🙂 And I’m sorry if I spoiled your marriage to Harry, although I suppose that you have already read the seven books? Hopefully.)

  1. Hermione Granger says:

    AMAZING!!! I SO have to make this soon! Loom Love, have you heard that the LIMITED EDITION bands are back on ?! I’m getting some, (by some I mean nearly all) and I’m going to use them on this bracelet 😀

    Hermione Granger

    P.S First comment!

  2. lauren says:

    Hi loomlove! I think it would be a good idea if you put the links to the rainbowloomers youtube channels in with the tutorial, just thought that would be cool. Love you guys!!

  3. Sophia says:

    Well i only have 7 pinbars and this one needs 8 so ill go to the store later and buy extra pegs and bases @toysrus

  4. Melisa Barron says:

    Hi loom love! The bracelet looks super cool! Does it need 2 looms? Any way your site is so awesome! Before I saw this site I couldnt make a single chain on the loom! Bye! 🙂

  5. KB LOOM says:

    Hi loom love, I love u
    Plz can you like my videos (called: KB Loom designs part 1 and part 2) I will like all your videos if you like mine! Please subscribe and leave a comment! thanks

  6. Chelsey says:

    Hi loomlove!!!! So I’m reading this book called Haddix Sabotaged and I’m wondering how do I read 227 pages in 4 weeks ???? I have a book report due Dec. 24th!!!!!! Btw I love your bracelets love this design!!!!!!!! I look forward to an answer thanks!!!!

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