How to Make an Entwined Hearts Bracelet

entwined hearts

We are lovin’ @SnowLoomz’ Entwined Hearts Bracelet!

entwined hearts

This cool design can be made on your Finger Loom, Monster Tail or Rainbow Loom. No loom? Use a couple of pencils to make your bracelet!

Want to give this one a whirl? Watch the tutorial by Rena T:

How to Make a Pig Emoji

pig emoji

Okay, so other than the fact that this is pink, it doesn’t look much like a pig. If black and white bands were used, it would look just like a cow!

If you’d like to make your own Pig Emoji (or Cow Emoji), watch this video by ElegantFashion360:

How to Make an Ice, Ice Baby Bracelet

ice ice baby

Claire’s Wears strikes again! The Ice, Ice Baby is definitely one of our new favorite designs. What a brilliant use of C-clips!

This hook only design is two sided and super comfortable. Here’s what it looks like on the other side:

ice ice baby rainbow loomAnd here is what it looks like up close:

ice ice baby

Want to make one? Watch this tutorial:

How to Make a Paw Charm

Rainbow Loom paw charm

If you have a pet, or simply love animals, why not make a Rainbow Loom Paw Charm?

This adorable charm is by ElegantFashion360.

Want to make one? Here is the tutorial:

How to Make a Queen Anne’s Lace Ring

 queen annes lace ringClaire’s Wears Queen Anne’s Lace ring is another gorgeous design that incorporates C-clips. You can also use this as a charm. It would look amazing attached to a barrette, don’t you think?

Here it is up close and personal:

ring rainbow loom

Want to make one? Watch this tutorial:

How to Make a Whoa Bow

whoa bow

We don’t know about you, but we have about a zillion C-Clips sitting around. When we found a bracelet design that uses a whole bunch of them, we couldn’t wait to make it!!

Claire’s Wears Whoa Bow is such a unique and whimsical pattern – and it’s not at all difficult to make. Want to give it a try? Watch this video: