How to Make an Ice Skate Charm

skate charm rainbow loom

We love ice skating! Unfortunately, we’ve had a mild winter and there is no ice to be found. Hopefully, the temps will drop soon and we’ll get a good old fashioned Canadian winter!  Meantime, we decided to make a little Ice Skate Charm. The design and tutorial is by Jordantine1. It’s easy and clever!

Want to make one? Watch this video:

How to Make a Baymax Figure

baymax rainbow loom

Although we haven’t seen Big Hero 6 yet, we were instantly smitten when we saw TheLoomMermaid’s awesome Baymax figure. TheLoomMermaid was kind enough to let us make a tutorial.

Want to make Baymax? Watch our video:


How to Make a Jingle Bracelet

jingle rainbow loom

This brand new Loom Love original bracelet design will be music to your ears. Literally! When you wear this bracelet, the 38 wee bells will jingle each time you move your wrist.

The Jingle is perfect for the Holidays – or any festive occasion.

Want to make one? Watch our tutorial:


How to Make a Katana Bracelet

katana rainbow loom

It’s been a quite a while since we made a Rainbow Loom Youtube tutorial. We’ve been super busy lately and just haven’t had a chance create as many RL designs as we’d like to. When we saw @Lateloomer’s Katana bracelet on Instagram, we knew it was time to fire up the video camera once again and create a tutorial for this fabulous design – with @Lateloomer’s permission, of course!

The Katana is a hook-only design. It works great with Bubble Bands!

katana bracelet

Want to make one? Watch our tutorial:

How to Make a Y-Wing


If you are looking for an easy peasy Rainbow Loom bracelet design, try the Y-Wing by by @simply_love_loom on Instagram. Suzanne H-B created the tutorial for this design.

20 Awesome Holiday Rainbow Loom Designs


rainbow loom projects

‘Tis the season to get busy with your Rainbow Loom and make some awesome Holiday themed projects! You can give your finished creations as gifts, display them or use them as Christmas ornaments.

We’ve rounded up 20 of our favourite Holiday projects and we’ve included links to each of the Rainbow Loom project posts so you can learn how to make them.

PG Loomacy’s Wise Men

wise-men-rainbow-loom-3webgMade by Mommy’s Holiday Lights

holiday-lights-gMade by Mommy’s Christmas Tree Charm

christmas-tree-charm-rainbow-loom-textyMade by Mommy’s Christmas Ugly Sweaterchristmas-ugly-sweater-loom-gMade by Mommy’s Present Charm  


Kay K’s Stocking Charmstocking-rainbow-loom-charm-ggElegant Fashion’s Christmas Bow

holiday rainbow loom projectsRockaway Orthodontics Grinch Bracelet

the-grinch-bracelet-gLip Balm Case by Craft Life


FeelinSpiffy’s Happy Candy Cane

happy candy caneFeelinSpiffy’s Happy Gingerbread Man

happy gingerbread man

Christmas Panda by Dana Lenz

panda-rainbow-loom-txtChristmas Wreath by Made By Mommy   rainbow-loom-wreath-charm-g

Candy Cane Charm by Made by Mommy

candy-cane-charm-rainbow-loom-tSanta Hat by Elegant Fashion

santa hat rainbow loom3D Present by Elegant Fashion

rainbow loom holiday Reverso in Candy Cane Colours by Loom Love

reverso-rainbow-loom-4gInverted Fishtail in Christmas Colours

inverted-fishtail-xmas-ggSailor’s Pinstripe in Holiday Colours

sailors pinstripe

Firecracker in red green and aqua

firecracker rainbow loom