20 Beautiful Rainbow Loom Bracelets

20 Beautiful Rainbow Loom BraceletsHere at LoomLove.com, we have made more than 100 different Rainbow Loom bracelet designs. This has helped us to discover some of the most beautiful patterns.

Here are 20 of our favourite Rainbow Loom designs. All of the photos link to the tutorial page:

The Arrow Stitch
arrow stitch rainbow loom

The Small Basket Weave

small basket weave

The Kaleidoscope


The Double Cross

double cross rainbow loom

The Inverted Fishtail

inverted fishtailFlower Power

flower power


tuliptopia rainbow loom textDouble Braid

double braid rainbow loom


ziagonal rainbow loom


reverso rainbow loom

The Cube

the cube triple single

The Warrior

warrior rainbow loom




criss cross braceletDouble-Starburst

double starburst rainbow loom


nautique rainbow loom

Triple Link Chain

triple link chain


firecracker rainbow loom

Bow Tie Stitch

bowtie stitch


pizzazz rainbow loom



163 thoughts on “20 Beautiful Rainbow Loom Bracelets

      • Jemma says:

        Yeah. I have a competition going on with another girl in my year on who can make the most weirdest one and one of mine and hers friend is the judge and so far, I’m winning. But great job loom love, keep it up.

        • Hannah says:

          at my school in 2013-2014 they were anned cuz even the little year 1 kids to the big year sixes everybody was making loom band stuff and it got really crazy so yeah… we’re back with the loom bands now. YAY!

          PS cuz the boys don’t know how to make cool ones yeah they do only where singles Marta!!

          Hanzy xx

      • some one u played with if u r the erin i think u r says:

        hi erin did u study at the grange plz reply if u did i need 2 keep in touch with u some how

    • Marta says:

      Me too but just because i’m the ONLY girl in my class who wears them and the boys only wear singles

    • elisha says:

      same i like make alot of them and people ask me tooooo much for them …i am actually an indonsian

      • Hermione Granger says:

        I SO know what you mean, people ALWAYS ask me to make bracelets for them, but I really don’t have time to make most of them.

        • TGOIFRFLY says:

          loom bands are awesome and you guys rock! i am try to compete in an amazing competition in my school on who can make the craziest loom band bracelet and this competition was made by the principal and -lol- he’s an old geezer!! {old man} but his kidas make them so, yeah!! 🙂

    • Amazeballs124 says:

      Yeah!! 🙂 😛 it’s SOOO great to have these AWESOME websites that teach you how to do really cool stuff!! *^_^* ;-)! Also, I have tried at least all of them on this site, but NOT all of my attempts went well!! I’m so clumsy LOL 😉 but YOLOi suppose!! Lol

  1. GB Shakespeare says:

    Did you see my comment suggesting this? If not, great minds think alike! If you did, I am glad you were able to put it to use. This is super cool, and I’ll go here a lot.

    Loom it up, peeps!

  2. Layla says:

    I think u make the best videos. They always are so informational and I know when I need a new design I will always come to love loom.com. Keep making charms and bracelets.

  3. Diana says:

    I love rainbow loom! I was completely lost on how to make bracelets, and my friends always made them for me. Now that I learned how, my friends come to me for bracelets. !!!THANK YOU LOOM LOVE!!! Please please please keep making tutorials. I really appreciate it. (BTW I <3 ALL the bracelets!)

  4. Kaylee says:

    Yeah, Loom Love ROCKS!!! IT’S TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! Keep making bracelet tutorials and don’t stop making bracelets out of rubber bands!!!! :p

  5. Kaylee says:

    I’m gonna do all the bracelets on this page. So far I’ve done the Double Braid, the Inverted Fishtail, and I’ve tried the Reverso, but mine fell apart… I don’t know why 🙁 but I’m gonna try it again soon! I’m also in the middle of The Warrior!! Can’t wait to see what it turns out like!!!! 🙂

  6. klickitty says:

    Where can I find step by step instructions for making these bracelets that aren’t videos, but pictures with text? We live in China, where most non-mainland video site are blocked. I got my daughter a loom and bands for Christmas, but so far we haven’t been able to make much except the most basic type because we cannot find instructions anywhere that are not on a banned video host site. Please help!

  7. Domino says:

    These are all AWESOME and I’ve done them all……but, a REALLY cool bracelet(and my favorite) would be “Candy Twist” 🙂

  8. ASielaff says:

    I made my own design that i call the double zig-zag. I dont have a video up about it, but im thinking about maybe doing one. 😀

  9. lindsey says:

    dont ever stop making new bracelets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Loom Guy says:

    I moved house, did not know anything bout this till I saw them. Im now the KING ! My friend showed me the single chain one. He says the student has become the master 🙂

  11. Emi says:

    Hi loom love I love your designs! Can’t wait for more bands so I can make more of them ! I tried the dog about 7 times and lost the band on the same place each time!! 🙁 but I will keep trying other ones . My friends the loom queen and has got 10 people asking for one of hers!!!!

  12. Julien says:

    Hi, i’m a french blog writer. My next post will talk about the madness of rainbow loom in France. Your creations are very beautiful. I would like make a link to your website and share images from this page. Is it possible to do this ?

    Best Regards

  13. Sumana says:

    This is my first time on this website and I like all the fun and amazing new bracelets that I like, I even wore them to school. And everybody was oohing and aahing some kids even asked to give me them. I told them I would make some more for them to have, and now I’m the loom queen. Thanks a million and never stop this website. 🙂 also check out my website and email me any tips to make changes!

  14. LoomLolly says:

    Thanks Loom Love your inspirational loom creations have made me a pro.
    If im ever bored I will create Loom Designs.
    LoomLolly xx

  15. Charlotte says:

    I love making stuff with the loom I find it very stress relieving my nieces and nephews are always asking me to make things for them and I wear them to work and show my friends. Keep up all the great designs 🙂

  16. Lollipop says:

    Hi loom love iam upsessed with them and I have made Elsa
    Who inspired you to start utube and a website???

  17. Karen graciana says:

    Love so much love it…. My family my friends said its cool…
    And now it’s my fav websites….

    And actually am indonesian

  18. meeeee says:

    this is an amazing website. I love it our old yr 6’s got us into it. Then there were some boys then the girls started. but you have helped me with a lot of bracelets.
    Who knows a really long way of making a fishtail (using 3 pins) do you think I should write instructons for them.

  19. Elisia says:

    Thanks. Loom love. From watching your vidioes it has helped me a lot now I am the best at loombands in the hole school. Also could you do a really Coll one like the best one you can think of. O, and I have a question for you…
    And you must of got it off a website because you can’t of learnt it yourself because the loombands probably already egzisted. Or you could have a teatchure who teaches you! O and what is her name.

  20. Amelia says:

    Hi Loom Love! One of my bestest friends in the WORLD started the loom bracelet ‘craze’ in my school, and she made one for me. I didn’t know what loom bracelets were at this point and had no clue were to get them from! I then managed to get bands but could only make fishtail loom bracelets because I didn’t have a board. Then I got this really cheap board and I thought it it would work; it didn’t. I searched high and low for a board that would work and finally got it! This site was the first loom band site I had been on and by far is the best. Your tutorials are really informative and easy to go along with. I now can do the hardest of loom bracelets, thanks to you, Loom Love. All of my class mates are asking me to make some for them, and even though it’s hectic and I’ve probably done like 50, it’s really fun, calming and enjoyable. I can make loom bracelets of any difficulty thanks to Loom Love. You guys are the best!

  21. I LOVE MY PONIES! says:

    Thanks for all these different types of loom bands. Here in England, people are going crazy over them!

  22. Loves loom bands says:

    These are all beautiful but my Favourite is the cube but, the funny thing is I don’t like the triple single bracelet

  23. Sofia says:

    I love those gorgess designs the nautique is the best (hug)
    There all beatifulllllll!! I don’t have words!! The only thing
    I can say: East or West loom love is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (Angel)
    You are the best!!!!

  24. Alina says:

    Hi Loom Love I have checked out something called pencil huggers there made of loom bands and they hug your pencil please can you add a video about them I love the colours you use they give me inspiration.
    Lots of wishes and thanks

  25. iFancyThis says:

    Hi Loom Love! I’m Evelyn, 11. Please name my bracelet please…
    Just Check my Instagram @evelynp_quoterz

  26. Taylor says:

    I love it so much I made regular,fish tail,star fish,double fish tail,Hexafish,triple single,triple double,the arrow stich,Basket wave,the kalidoscope,double cross and ect.

  27. Maidenmere says:

    AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! 😀 I LUV THESE DESIGNES DONT STOP! u guys rock ur amazing and keep it up! U guys made me the rainbow loom queen in my school and now im never bored i come to ur website all the time! try to find more bracelets u guys are the best! <3 😉 😀 ^_^ 😛 *_*

  28. Divyanka says:

    Very Beautiful bracelets… Just love them all …!
    Everybody just likes them
    I love them.I am very much Interested in all thee creative works.I also do origami.They all are fun
    Loomlove is made by the two who love creativity.Right ?
    So Please reply and tell me when is the next giveaway…I WANNA PARTICIPATE ….!!! Love you !!!
    I am waiting for reply ….

  29. laiba says:

    i love to make loom bands it is great i make it for my brother 2 for freindship band i love loom bands they r gre8

  30. Zara says:

    It is a very good website and I think I’ve found th most beautiful bracelets ever that nobody has ever made!! I am impressed ????

  31. Crystal says:

    I love your designs! They are sooooo innovative! I wish to have the talent that you guys have! This year on Frendship Day, I gave an Ziagonal Bracelet to my best friend and everybody was asking me if i could make it for them also! I just love love love your designs!!!!!

  32. Nell Bacala says:

    I personally love some of these designs too! Especially Arrow Stitch. The inverted fishtail was my second thing to loom when I first started making Rainbow Loom bracelets. Triple link chain is really adorable, it’s my daughter’s favorite design to make!

  33. Rosa says:

    Shame. At my school loom bands arent allowed to be worn or made, and the teachers wear them. 🙁 Sooooo unfair. Btw am i the only british girl here??

  34. Frances says:

    Hi Loom Love!

    You guys are awesome!!! I really loved this page of “20 Beautiful Rainbow Loom Bracelets” cause I gave up loom bands ages ago and now I’m back into them and I forgot the name of one of the loom bands!!!!:( And I really wanted to make it again…And guess what? It was here on this webpage! It was the Ziagonal bracelet and it’s one of my favourite loom bracelets EVER!!! I also love the warrior, the double-braid, and the arrow head.
    Maddie & Emily, without you guys at least 100 of these bracelets wouldn’t have been invented. Thank you so much for posting all these videos. It must take a lot of time and effort to create and make all these bracelets:)
    I don’t mean to sound like a stalker or anything but I was just wondering, how old are you guys? In one video from two years ago Emily sounds really young (no offense if you’re older than I expected!!) and another video from a few months ago makes her sound like she’s 20 or something!! Sorry if that sounds mean, I was just wondering. Hey, I may be 13 but I’m still a loomer!

    Thanks again;)
    P.S: Rosa, you ma be the only British girl her but am I the only Aussie??


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