How to Make a Starweaver

starweaver rainbow loom

If you’ve mastered the Starburst, give our brand new design that we call the Starweaver a try. This bracelet is inspired by the Starburst, but you will see that unlike the Starburst,  there is a solid ‘background’ of bands beneath the flower patterns.

starweaver rainbow loomThis pattern looks great in variety of colour combos.

starweaver rainbow loom

Want to make one? Watch our video tutorial:

How to Make a 3D Flower Bracelet

rose braceletWe’re not going to lie: the 3D Flower Bracelet from Justin’s Toys is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to have mastered lots of RL designs before you tackle this one.

But isn’t it cool?

flower bracelet justins toys

If you want to make your own 3D Flower Bracelet, you will have to watch three videos. Here they are:


How to Make a Tangled Garden Bracelet or Anklet (Without a Loom!)

tangled garden

The Tangled Garden is the first bracelet we’ve designed that doesn’t require a Rainbow Loom. All you need for this whimsical pattern is a Rainbow Loom hook or a crochet hook and loom bands in a variety of colours.

It’s crucial that you know how to create a slip knot with your bands before you attempt this design. Once you’ve mastered that, you should have no problem creating this pattern.

tangled-garden-rainbow-loom-webYou can wear it on your wrist, or your ankle.


tangled garden loom
Want to make your own Tangled Garden bracelet/anklet? Watch our tutorial:

How to Make a Python Bracelet

python rainbow loomIf you have some time on your hands, and you are looking for an easy Fishtail style design, give the Python a try.

We made this on our Rainbow Loom, but you can also make it on the Monster Tail.

python rainbow loomWhat do you think?

python rainbow loom

If you’d like to make your own Python Bracelet, watch our tutorial:

How to Make a Rotini Bracelet

rotini rainbow loomKrystel, one of our Facebook fans, sent us a photo of this Rainbow Loom bracelet design. She wanted to know how to make it. We hunted high and low for the design, but could not find a tutorial. So we took the matter into our own hands (literally!) and made a tutorial.

We call this design the Rotini. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t have any trouble making this design. rotini rainbow loomLovin’ this colour combo on the Rainbow Loom Rotini:

rotini rainbow loom

Want to make your own Rotini bracelet? Watch this tutorial:

How to Make a Hurdle Bracelet

rainbow loom hurdle We happen to think our brand new Hurdle design is pretty fab, so we went ahead and used our special tie dye bands that we got in Arizona. It’s a tiny bag, so we only use them on designs that we’re crazy about.

We came up with this Rainbow Loom pattern just a few days ago. It is inspired by our Pom Pom and our Squiggle Bracelet.

The Hurdle looks great with Polka Dot bands too:

hurdle rainbow loom

Want to make one? Watch our video:

How to Make an Amerastrand


We love OfficiallyLoomed’s brand new Amerastrand bracelet. The bracelet looks like we added Perler beads, we it’s simply the way the bands are placed that make it appear like it includes beads.

This bracelet is made on the Monster Tail.

Want to make one? Watch this video:


Have a Tinkerbell Tea Party!

tinkerbell tea partyTink is having a tea party today. Doesn’t she look chic in her stylin’ Rainbow Loom dress?

We used DIY Mommy’s Barbie Dress tutorial to make her dress:

What would a girl at a tea party be without a fancy handbag?


We watched Marloomz Creations Rainbow Loom Handbag tutorial to create Tink’s purse:

To create the adorable Rainbow Loom bow for her hair, we used TutorialsbyA’s Bow Ring tutorial:

Now for the food! The adorable Rainbow Loom muffins are DIY Mommy’s Mini Muffins:

The wee donut is Made by Mommy’s donut charm:

We’re off to brew the tea now! We hope you enjoy having your own Rainbow Loom Tinkerbell Tea Party!

BTW, if you are planning a pool party instead, why not make Barbie a Rainbow Loom swim suit?