Have a Tinkerbell Tea Party!

tinkerbell tea partyTink is having a tea party today. Doesn’t she look chic in her stylin’ Rainbow Loom dress?

We used DIY Mommy’s Barbie Dress tutorial to make her dress:

What would a girl at a tea party be without a fancy handbag?


We watched Marloomz Creations Rainbow Loom Handbag tutorial to create Tink’s purse:

To create the adorable Rainbow Loom bow for her hair, we used TutorialsbyA’s Bow Ring tutorial:

Now for the food! The adorable Rainbow Loom muffins are DIY Mommy’s Mini Muffins:

The wee donut is Made by Mommy’s donut charm:

We’re off to brew the tea now! We hope you enjoy having your own Rainbow Loom Tinkerbell Tea Party!

BTW, if you are planning a pool party instead, why not make Barbie a Rainbow Loom swim suit?


40 thoughts on “Have a Tinkerbell Tea Party!

    • karima says:

      I agree! Loom love make awesome creations everytime. Boy do I wish I had that talent #KeepLooming!

  1. Claire's Wears says:

    I don’t have any dolls, so I just made the sweets and made them into a charm bracelet, lol. A rainbow loom tea party is such a cute idea!

    • Baitoey says:

      To Claire’s Wears,
      I really love your youtube page. keep on adding stuff. you really helps!

  2. Crystal says:


  3. SavvyXD says:

    The handbag was extremely difficult for me because I do not have two rainbow looms. I have a fun loom and a rainbow loom. It was hard because the fun loom’s pegs are farther away from each other than the pegs on the rainbow loom, and the big pieces don’t fit for either one. So I basically had to HOLD the two looms together. My handbag came out kind of funny; when I took it off the loom, the “rows” were sort of loose and far away from each other. I squished them back together, but they are still loose.
    To those people who don’t have two rainbow looms, and only have one rainbow loom, I DONT recommend trying to make the handbag with two different types of looms. It will turn out a bit wrong, and it is a LOT harder.
    Instead, try to make a smaller version of the handbag. Like, instead, use three pegs for the top, and four going down. That might work. I will try it!

    • Loom Crazy says:

      i agree, but i manged to make one thanks to my little sister who bought a loom after seeing what could be made on it.

    • Loom Crazy says:

      Hey, my little sis has a dolls house and i made her a whole family of action figures and was wondering if you could make some of the food action figure size, it would be cool .

  4. trish says:

    Could any body please helpme I am looking for a book called loomatic interactive guide to rainbow looming.I would like new or second hand please. I find to hear on the compotor because of my hearing and my eye sight not so good either. Willing to pay all cost.thank you

  5. Loom Crazy says:

    I made a pink dress with white in the middle, a pink handbag with white straps and handle, pink bow, strawberry flavour muffin in a blue case, a strawberry doughnut with strawberry frosting (different shades though). Then made Barbie a red dressed friend with red stuff. turned out cool.

  6. Jess says:

    No offence but the cupcake video is so confusing, I made it and the last two six bands you put on did in an icing colour cuz you didnt put any on. turned out like a honey jar. The doughnut is so easy, i made a rasbery one with purple doughnut bit. It looks cool. could you do another video and explain better plz.

  7. Awsomelooms says:

    What about shoes? I mean, what’s the point of a dress but no shoes? The look is not completed and I can’t find out how to make monster high shoes with the rainbow loom on the web. Can you please find out for me?

  8. Emma says:

    When i was doing the donut so many of my bands snapped and they were rainbow loom brand is that normal or am I doing it wrong?

  9. mylittleponyloom says:

    I managed to make a dress for my apple bloom pony, and made some little shoes for her. Also can you put some more my little pony designs on please?

  10. Rainbow_fairyy says:

    Now this is what i’m talking about!!!
    I don’t have a tinkerbell doll though, could you make one for barbie?
    I loved the bag tutorial.

  11. madison says:

    my cupcake looked like a gumdrop lol what did i do wrong? Can you make a simpler vertion of the cupcake? On Youtube I watched the dress video in french and I did better with the french video than the english because i had to watch what the lady was doing because I couldnt understand her. It worked out better for me on the french video

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