How to Make a Loopy Triple Single

loopy-triple-single-rainbow-loomLooking for Rainbow Loom bracelet that is a little edgy and offbeat? Try the Loopy Triple Single!

This bracelet has attitude- especially when it’s sporting metallic bands!

triple single loop rainbow loom

Learn how to make your own by watching this tutorial by Arty Crafty:


16 thoughts on “How to Make a Loopy Triple Single

  1. Christina says:

    Ummm…why go to the trouble with the matchstick?? Just use the rainbow loom hook like every other tutorial out there. If you are showing kids how to do things getting a knife out to make something harder really isn’t practical or safe.

  2. Loom Lover says:

    Love this bracelet!!!!
    What I found eaiser than twisting one band around the other band was using my hook instead to twist it and then pulling it on to the other band.
    Thanks for making this awesome website!!! Love Loom Love!!!!

  3. Michielle the loomer says:

    Hey Loom Love! i have a question for you: do you guys use google+? i was just wondering cuz if you did i would totally check ur page like everyday! Oh yeah and i love this bracelet!

  4. BMO says:

    Instead of wrapping the rubber band onto another rubber band with our fingers, can we also do it on our hook?

  5. kyle says:

    Please help it is hard lots of friends at scholl know how to make them today I just got them I don’t know or my mum help and say how to please help!

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