46 thoughts on “How to Make a Snake

  1. Ezra says:

    Thanks so much for putting this on! My friend, Ashley made one but I couldn’t find a good clear video but this is the best! Thanks so much!

  2. Ruby says:

    Hi again! This is sooo funny because the day this was posted I made a orange,black,white,black,orange fishtail bracelet, and I got the design from looking at a google image then I check your website and you made a snake !

  3. Tia South says:

    Thnx soooo much I made a amazing snake thnx to u
    My sister is nagging me to make one but after that I am so tired but thnx so much I will defenly use this again to make my sisters thnx so much x

  4. AmberLee says:

    Plz make a pug charm !!! I love Pugs if you do I will make it P .S I made your tiger and I made It and is adorable and I Luv your Vids plz make more and keep up the good work !!!

  5. brittney says:

    this is amazing! my friend waned me to make her a snake because I’am selling braclet and charms at my school and she asked for a snake and offered 20 dallors if I made her one! thanks I love it to it is very clever

  6. Olivia Grace says:

    I love this so much!
    I made a milk snake for my dad and he loved it… its really easy, but I wish you had a frog one….:)

  7. Emi says:

    I made one but the tail didn’t come out πŸ™
    My friend has asked for one and this time im making the tail out of a fishtail design
    πŸ˜€ I love loomlove!!

  8. Aoife says:

    I cant wait to try this cute snake!However, could you please make some letter charms.Me and my sister would really like to try some!

  9. Audrey's Styles says:


    THAT IS SO COOL!!!! ( :

  10. rainbowified says:

    aaah ;o; i tried making the body but it ended up something that looked like a band that exploded everywhere.

  11. CΓ©cile says:

    It’s amazing and soooooooo cute. Love it and made about 6. I’m gonna sell them. Thank you soooooo much for doing this video. Love it!!!!

  12. rainbowoverthemoon says:

    not clear on looping part had to try to do it another way as your part on looping was poor and it fell apart thanks a lot!

  13. Pugsly2pet says:

    I made my own version of this snake, Got a little carried away,and now i have a snake ring, bracelet, and choker necklace. πŸ™‚

  14. Kool Kid says:

    If yours didn’t turn out right, what I do is I just make a single using double bands for the body, and u don’t need 2 looms for the body, u just make an extension using the single pattern, but use double bands. if you check out the ice ice, baby braclet, there was a girl who was really thankful for the degsign, and she showed unpopular and popular girls at her school, and it impressed all of them, and she even impressed the most popular girl in the whole school with the exact same braclet she used to impress all the other girls! She was super happy, and then there was this other girl, (not at the one girl’s school, she was commenting.) who was like don’t post everyone’s names, and btw, the degsign was Claire’s wears, not loom love’s. And don’t call everyone popular and unpopular, cuz they might read that. And than I was like, um I don’t think ur her mother, all she wanted to say, was that she impressed certain girls at her school, and that she was thankful for the degsign. So, I wanted to say, “Girl, BACK OFF!!!!!!” But ya know, I gave her a nice long lecture about it;) so yeah.

  15. Kitty says:

    I made the tail but it started to fall apart at the head. I’m not saying you did something wrong in the tutorial, I’m asking if I could do something to prevent this. Can I?

  16. Amanda says:

    Thank you! I’m new to the Rainbow Loom, and found this tutorial very simple to follow (I definitely utilized the pause button). My first few attempts failed, but it was due to not looping correctly. After some patience and triple checking my work, my snake came out perfectly. Would definitely recommend this design!

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