Wacky Bracelet Contest Winner!

wacky bracelet contest winner

Congrats to Brooke, the winner of our inaugural Wacky Bracelet Contest! Brooke’s Firecracker bracelet got the most votes from our Facebook fans.

We had heaps and heaps of entries for the Wacky Bracelet contest and we were blown away by the creativity of our fellow loomers! We had so much fun looking at all of the wacky and wonderful entries.

Thanks so much to all of you who entered our contest. We will be having another contest soon.

The following bracelets were in the top five:

In second place was All Eyes on You by Kerry and Autumn.

rainbow loom wacky

Third place was Flower Garden with Little Bees by Isabella.

flower garden with little bees

Fourth place was Fill with Sweet Love by mmeleanne.

fill with sweet love rainbow loom

And fifth place went to Floating Tiara by Nazhoni.

rainbow loom wacky


How to Make a Circle of Hearts Bracelet

circle of hearts rainbow loom

We can’t seem to get enough hearts! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we came up with this Rainbow Loom pattern that we call Circle of Hearts.

Aside from the fact that it’s adorable, it’s pretty simple to make and it can be made on one loom without needing an extension.

circle of hearts rainbow loom

Here it is with glitter bands:circle of hearts rainbow loomWhat do you think?

circle of hearts rainbow loom

Want to make your own Circle of Hearts bracelet? Watch our video tutorial:


How to Make a Chevron (New SIMPLE technique!)

easy chevron braceletDon’t you hate it when you get all excited because you think that you’ve invented a brand new Rainbow Loom pattern and then you discover that it’s already out there?

That’s exactly what happened to us with this bracelet. We made several of these before discovering that this pattern was called the Chevron, and it was all over Youtube. Our bubble burst pretty quickly, but we perked up when we realized that we used an EASIER technique to make this design. It’s so easy, you’ll be whipping these up in no time – and your friends will be VERY impressed.

easy chevro rainbow loom

This is one of our favorite bracelet designs – as you can tell!

easy chevron rainbow loom bracelet

easy chevro rainbow loom

Want to learn our simple technique to make the Chevron? Watch our video tutorial:

How to Make a Rock Candy Bracelet

Instructions on How to Make the Rainbow Loom Rock Candy Bracelet

We must have had candy on the brain when we came up with this Rock Candy Rainbow Loom bracelet design!

Truth is, we’ve always wanted to make our own rock candy, but we never got around to it. A Rainbow Loom Rock Candy bracelet is the next best thing!

Rock Candy Rainbow Loom Bracelets - Instructions on How to Make on a Rainbow LoomThis is one of our all-time favorite Rainbow Loom patterns. It’s not that complicated – but it is time consuming.

To get the rock candy effect, use clear bands or glitter bands, along with a solid colour.

rainbow loom rock candy

It looks great in any colour!

rainbow loom rock candyWatch our youtube loom tutorial to learn how to make your own Rainbow Loom Rock Candy bracelet:

How to Make a Toadstool Charm

toadstools-charm-rianbow loom

We recently watched Smurfs 2 and were inspired to make some Smurfy Rainbow Loom Toadstool charms.

You can make them in any color, but they look the Smurfiest when you use red and white bands.

These charms are small enough to attach to any Rainbow Loom bracelet.

toadstools rainbow loomWant to make your own Rainbow Loom Toadstool Charm? Watch our tutorial:

Wacky Bracelet Contest Top 20

wacky bracelet contest winners

Hey Loom Love Fans, it’s time to vote! We have chosen our 20 favourite Wacky Bracelets. It was a VERY tough decision! We had oodles of entries – and lots of amazing, wacky creations to look through. Thanks so much to everyone for participating in this fun contest. We will be having another one soon, so stay tuned!

Meantime, please ‘like’ your favorite bracelet here. Facebook fans will have until 11:59pm Eastern, Feb. 7, 2014 to vote. The bracelet with the most Facebook ‘likes’ wins. Contest winner will be announced on LoomLove.com and Facebook on Sunday February 9, 2014. Contest is open to residents of the US and Canada.

The winner will receive an awesome loom band storage case filled with approximately 4,000 loom bands – many of which are rare. It includes tie dye, metallic, neon, glow in the dark, jelly and clear bands.

Good luck everyone! Vote here. Comments do not count as votes; you must like the bracelet on Facebook.