Wacky Bracelet Contest Top 20

wacky bracelet contest winners

Hey Loom Love Fans, it’s time to vote! We have chosen our 20 favourite Wacky Bracelets. It was a VERY tough decision! We had oodles of entries – and lots of amazing, wacky creations to look through. Thanks so much to everyone for participating in this fun contest. We will be having another one soon, so stay tuned!

Meantime, please ‘like’ your favorite bracelet here. Facebook fans will have until 11:59pm Eastern, Feb. 7, 2014 to vote. The bracelet with the most Facebook ‘likes’ wins. Contest winner will be announced on LoomLove.com and Facebook on Sunday February 9, 2014. Contest is open to residents of the US and Canada.

The winner will receive an awesome loom band storage case filled with approximately 4,000 loom bands – many of which are rare. It includes tie dye, metallic, neon, glow in the dark, jelly and clear bands.

Good luck everyone! Vote here. Comments do not count as votes; you must like the bracelet on Facebook.


40 thoughts on “Wacky Bracelet Contest Top 20

  1. GB Shakespeare says:

    I also feel like “Fill with Sweet Love” doesn’t follow the rules exactly. It isn’t a total bracelet. (That said, it’s VERY pretty. Also, if mmeleanne sees this, tell her I am a fan of her hibiscus!) In the future, could you specify this more? I feel sort of cheated by this. But I would like to say, as your first contest, it has very good rules for the most part. I realize this comment sounds slightly rude; I have rewritten it several times and this is the least offending. I hope you won’t take this personally; I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website and look forward to your next contest!

    (That said, it’s VERY pretty.)

  2. GB Shakespeare says:

    This was a real disappointment to me.
    I feel pretty sad.
    Is there ANWAY I could get into the top twenty?
    Though I know you probably cannot, there is no hurt in asking.

    Go Hawks.

  3. shaily says:

    I was looking at the top 20 and i wanted to ask if maybe you can make a tutorial on who wins the contest becuz most people want to know how to do it so yeah cuz i really love most of those braclets. So i was just asking if you can make a tutorial on the winning bracelet!!!! 😀

  4. Brooke says:

    Hi, I entered, and my bracelet made the top 20!! Mine is the one under the words, the second one to the left. If I win there can’t be a video, because I have NO IDEA (!!!!!!) how I made it!!!!!!!!!


  5. Emma says:

    Hi Loom love, I thought the deadline was the ninth and so I did not get to post my picture of my bracelet. It would be awesome if you could do another contest soon.

  6. Brooke says:

    thanks loomie love!!!! and no, mine is not the googly eye one, its the one that has orange, red, and yellow things sticking out of the sides. it is the second one to the left under the words. next to the one with the flower and the vase in it.

  7. Emma1 says:

    Hi LOOM LOVE (i need to ask a question)
    By any chance can you uploaded a video how to write your name on your bracelet if not its ok

    thank you

  8. Feeling loomy says:

    I started a braclet then I got the deadline mix lol please so another contest soon thanks

    Ps where did u get clear bands

  9. Brooke : ) says:

    By the way thank you sooooo much for doing this contest!!!! I love this website and your tutorials! Thanks so much for doing them!!!

  10. Rainbow loomy says:

    Congratulations Brooke I think you’re was the first and the one with the froot loops was second!!!

  11. SavvyC: says:

    Everyone did a great job! I would NEVER be able to invent such great bracelets as those. Btw, LoomLove, when will the next contest be? I would LOVE to enter it!

  12. InfinityEagle24 says:

    All those bracelets were awesome!!! Brooke yours is best. And btw I wish i could enter the contest LoomLove. But i cannot invent such cool bracelets! 🙁 Thanks 🙂

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