How to Make the Arrow Stitch Bracelet

arrow stitch rainbow loom

Behold, the ravishing Arrow Stitch Rainbow Loom bracelet. This is definitely one of our favourite designs. We used silver metallic bands for the ‘arrows’ to make the pattern even more striking. You can buy them here.

arrow stitch rainbow loom

Beware: this pattern is not for newbies. You should have completed a few of the simpler patterns before you tackle this. Even though we’ve made heaps of bracelets, it took us a couple attempts to nail it down.

If you’d like to make your own Arrow Stitch Rainbow Loom Bracelet, watch this video:



53 thoughts on “How to Make the Arrow Stitch Bracelet

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  2. caity says:

    it was also very hard to go along with you loomlove because your hand was always in the way or because you sped up and I could not go along

    • A-girl says:

      LoomLove didn’t make this tutorial; someone else did, and LoomLove posted it here so you can see how to make it.

    • BMO says:

      The reason why they speed it up is because if someone was watching it the second or third time, they don’t have to wait for them. Plus, if you think they are going too fast why not just pause it…?

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  4. Russell says:

    This was SOOO hard to make but soon it got more simple and simple and it was finished. I have to addmit though most of the reason it was hard was either because your hand was in the way or you were going WAY too fast. But besides all the bad things it ended up AMAZING!

  5. Robin says:

    Nice bracelet but not a great video. Very hard to follow because you kept moving camera and your hand was in the way. I could not tell what to do. I had to rewind and pause way too many times. Thanks though.

  6. Elenaloveslooming says:

    Agreed, A-girl. I see tons of negative comments about the quality of videos that LoomLove didn’t even make! All of the official LoomLove videos are awesome though!

    • monster says:

      yah all the loom love videos are awesome and so now i think i should get a rainbow loom so i really hope my parents will let me get one

  7. Katie says:

    I love it. I don’t see how this is very challenging. but the instructions were hard to follow but it still turned out nice so im happy with it. 🙂

  8. K-Fly says:

    I see that Loom Love didn’t make the video that everyone seems to be complaining about, and that Loom Love is also highly committed to producing quality tutorial videos. Would it be reasonable to ask Loom Love to step in and produce their own tutorial that is much easier to follow?
    In the meantime, all the whiners need to just pause and rewind. That’s what I had to do on Sailor’s Pinstripe! (I even had to undo one entire column of fish tail, and lace it back up again to release a trapped stripe!) Learning takes patience, sometimes. And sometimes you have to make mistakes, and learn from them in order to get better! 🙂

  9. Elias says:

    The video skips the part where she added the green color then the person recording misses the showing of how she pulls them over cause the recording is showing the back of her hand. NOT video friendly 🙁

  10. jazzie says:

    loomloves videos are awesome i used green blue and red with awesome new scented bands turned out great first time

  11. Helen Wallman says:

    I love the bracelet, but keep the loom steady & keep your hands in such a way
    that I can see what’s being done. It’s great a child can do this, but I think for
    the sake of viewers, maybe an adult should be doing it. I’m dizzy just watching it.

  12. Erin says:

    LOOOOOOVE the bracelet ,but my hook is tiny so lots of times did the elastic come off of my hook loooooaaaaaads of times I luckily got it back though.????

  13. Ruth says:

    But how I can get in the middle row two collors (green and blue). I read a lot of comments, but no answer.

  14. Jenny says:

    I thought this tutorial, while slightly annoying by the way hands and camera control are, also, anyone else bugged by the sniffing all the time, lol, but shes made some great designs, this seemed like it would be the next stage from bow tie, which looks easy to me after a few of these tutorials and ive been messing around with trying my own designs too. I actually got my daughter the loom and bands, shed been going on and on wanting a bracelet like her friends, soon as I got her it she decided I should do it as she didnt want to learn how, so ive been making them for her but totally addicted to making them its a nice chill out after a long day to sit and make something and learn a new way, I love this, will make it tomorrow! 🙂

  15. Jerome says:

    Just made it in one go so happy couldnt follow this tutorial but found a differnt one. Any other band ideas thanks!

  16. Happy says:

    Im so surprised that Im just new to looming and found this soooo easy! Im proud of myself 🙂 (not bragging)

  17. Marlaine says:

    do you have any of these patterns in PDF FORM for printing >>>>this will be a help presenting this Loom crafts to kids in poorer areas who don’t have the internet access. Think having this option would really make your easier for all who would like to do the craft. Regards Laine

  18. Emma Hunter says:

    I like the bracelet. I just couldn’t see what you were doing since your hand was covering the screen so I got lost, especially when you started with the green.

  19. zainab says:

    This was sooo easy im only 11 and this is my first time making it it came out magnificent!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the video it was really good!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hanna carroll says:

    Its a really cool bracelet and yall say that it was hard but actually its not for me it was actually really easy lol

  21. pomgirl says:

    I love the design. A lot of sniffing going on!!! am I doing something wrong cause the middle row of single bands keep coming out on top!

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