Despicable Me Minion Rainbow Loom Bracelet


We love Despicable Me, so we were excited to find a tutorial on how to make a Minion Bracelet. We think it turned out great!


The instructions for the video are straightforward. The hardest part is sourcing the eye for the Minion. We used a black button, then used white paint to create the eyeball part.

Here is the video we used by Bridget V that we used to created our cutie:

Tired of Starburst Bracelets in Rainbow Colors? Try these!

We’ve all seen the Starburst Bracelet in rainbow colours. They’re uber popular because they look great. But what other color combinations work for this type of bracelet? Here are some of our faves:

We love this unique colour combo by CutsieTootsieProps.

starburst rainbow

This pastel Starburst has beads! Adorable! By BandsbySydney.rainbow loom starburstGrey looks great with teal, green and purple centre in this bracelet by LetsBandTogether.

grey starburst loom bracelet

Loving the red and blue, framed by the black bands in this bracelet by BowdaciousCrafts . It reminds us of a granny square afghan!

red starburst bracelet

We love the lime green, orange and white combination in the bracelet on the left  The colors make it look vintage 1970’s! (We loved it so much we attempted the Zippy Chain bracelet in this color combo. Fail!) Bracelet by SmileStuf.

vintage starburst bracelet

How to Make a Diamond Loom Bracelet

diamond loom bracelet

Shine bright like a diamond with this Diamond Loom Bracelet! If you are a beginner, this might take you more than one attempt. Once you get the hang of it, this pattern is one of the easiest to make.

We like using four bands of each color for this bracelet as shown above and below:

diamond loom

This Diamond loom bracelet uses two of each color rubber bands, as shown in the recommended instruction video below.


Here is the instruction video that we recommend for the Diamond Pattern Bracelet:

How to Make a Double Braid Loom Bracelet

double braid rainbow loom

For this fancy bracelet called the Double Braid Loom Bracelet, you will need two looms.

The thing that makes this bracelet extra challenging is that the bands end up being very tight, so you have to be careful that they don’t slip off when you loop them.

If you want to learn how to make a Double Braid Loom Bracelet, use this video – but keep in mind that you will need to double up on the bands, which is something that Ally doesn’t mention until well into the tutorial.

How to Make a Liberty Twist

liberty twist bracelet

The Liberty Twist is a great looking loom bracelet, but it does require patience. It took us two attempts to make this bracelet; our mom.. well, she’s another story. She tried twice and gave up!

Here is her first fail. Looks like a new species of insect:

rainbow loom failAnd her second one, looking kind of intestinal:  rainbow-loom-fail-1

If you are up for the challenge and would like to make your own Liberty Twist bracelet, use this video.

How to Make a Rectangle Loom Bracelet

rectangle bracelet rainbow loom

The Rectangle Loom Bracelet is a striking bracelet that isn’t that difficult to make. It looks great in rainbow colors, but you could use any color combination you want.

To learn how to make a Rectangle Loom Bracelet, we recommend this video:

Rainbow Loom Ghosts Tutorial

Rainbow Loom Ghosts

We learned how to make these cool, glow in the dark ghosts from Made by Mommy.

We found her instructions to be very clear and easy to follow. Once you’ve made a couple of these, they are easy peasy!

The glow in the dark bands look the best for these charms.