You Know You Are ‘Hooked’ on Rainbow Loom When …

Rainbow Loom Bracelets1. You have a Rainbow Loom bracelet to go with every outfit. So does your mom, sister, aunt, uncle, dad, cousin and grandma.

2. Minecraft is a distant memory.

3. Your best friend is jealous of your new BFF: Rainbow Loom.

4. There are stray rubber bands in your couch, beneath your bed, in your pockets, inside your lunch pail, under the table and in your cereal. (You just had to get that bracelet made before running to the bus.)

5. The last time you went to the orthodontist you couldn’t help but wonder if you could sneak a handful of those little elastics they put inside your mouth so you could make a bracelet with them.

6. You no longer wear long sleeves; your bracelets keep you warm.

7. You’ve contemplated knitting your own Holiday ugly sweater – with your Rainbow Loom.

8. One Rainbow Loom just doesn’t cut it.

9. Your allowance goes to rubber bands.

10.  Instead of counting sheep at night, you count rubber bands.

11. When you’ve mastered a new pattern, everyone in your house knows it. When the windows are open, everyone on your block knows it too. The same goes for your Rainbow Loom fails. (“Did I just hear something smash?”) See below:

12. Rainbow Rage; that seething, bubbling, heart pounding anger you feel when a band breaks or you mess up a bracelet right near the end.

13. You’ve made your own Rainbow Loom website. (Now that’s a fanatic!)

How to Make a Double Triple Loom Bracelet

How to Make a Double Triple Loom Bracelet

Number of Bands: Approx. 95

We are loving the look of the Double Triple loom bracelet – especially in the above color combo.

The bands get pretty tight, so you need a fairly long extension on this bracelet.

The tutorial that we used to create this bracelet is this one:

We found the instructions weren’t that clear on making the extension, so we used this video for that part.


10 Reasons Why We Love Rainbow Loom


Hi there. I’m Christina, Emily and Maddie’s mom. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I got so excited about one of my kid’s toys. Rainbow Loom is fabulous for so many reasons. Here are my top ten reasons why I think Rainbow Loom is an awesome toy:

1. It inspires creativity. Coming up with colour combinations and patterns is a fun, creative process. There is an endless variety of color combinations and bracelet patterns to discover.

2. It inspires learning. I don’t know about you, but even as an adult I find it a challenge to follow instructions:) This teaches kids how to follow step by step instructions – and it gives them a reward for paying close attention to the details; a cool bracelet to show off!

3. It inspires sharing. Not only do kids share their fab creations, they share information with each other on how to create various bracelet patterns. Anything that motivates kids to help each other gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me!

4. It’s challenging. One of the best things about Rainbow Loom is that once you’ve mastered one pattern, there’s always a new and more challenging pattern to tackle.  This keeps things interesting!

5. It builds confidence. My kids do the happy dance when they’ve just mastered a new bracelet pattern.

6 It rewards perseverance. It’s amazing how fiercely determined my kids can be when it comes to mastering new patterns. When it doesn’t work out the first time, they keep going – knowing the reward of a new bracelet is waiting for them at the end.

7. It’s a quiet activity. When my kids are creating bracelets, I don’t hear a peep – except for the odd gasp when something goes wrong;)

8. It doesn’t require hydro.  I admit that I am nostalgic about toys that don’t require a power source – especially ones that capture the imagination as much as this one has.

9. It’s inexpensive. Compared to iPods and other techno gadgets – not to mention  American Girl etc., Rainbow Loom isn’t hard on the pocket book.

10. The bracelets are eye candy. Just look at the photos!

How to Make a Double X Bracelet

double x bracelet loom

Number of Bands: 64

The Double X bracelet looks more complicated than it is. It’s a bit time consuming, but the end result is pretty stunning – especially with the right colour combos.

If the end looks a little wonky, don’t worry because that’s the way it’s supposed to look. We’re still trying to figure out how to make a nicer end to this cool bracelet.

To make this bracelet, we found this tutorial the most helpful:

How to Make a Single Band Bracelet


Number of Bands: 25

The Single Band bracelet or Loosey Goosey is the starting point for almost everyone who purchases a Rainbow Loom. It’s so easy peasy that you will have this one mastered in no time.

Watch our video to learn how to make your own Single Band bracelet.

How to Make a Triple Single Bracelet

Triple Single Loom Bracelet

Number of Bands: 56

The Triple Single Rainbow Loom bracelet is surprisingly easy to make. It’s one of our favorites because it is so simple to create. We think it looks especially good in rainbow or ombre colours.

triple single rainbow loom

Watch our tutorial on how to make the  Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet:

About LoomLove

loom love

We’re Maddie & Emily –  two sisters who are WAY crazy about Rainbow Loom. Our aunt bought us one as a birthday present in September 2013 and we’ve been hooked (no pun intended!) ever since.

Along with our mom (who is also a Rainbow Loom fanatic), we have created this website to help you make awesome Rainbow Loom bracelets, charms and action figures.

We create many of our own Rainbow Loom patterns (check out our Youtube channel) and post them on the site. We’ve also scoured the internet for the BEST and EASIEST to follow Rainbow Loom Tutorials on the web. We had to sift through lots of not-so-good-ones, and had many Rainbow Loom Fails in our effort to find only the best.

We also have a section for buying Rainbow Loom supplies. These products are offered through Amazon Affiliates (we do not ship the products ourselves.)

Check out our short stop motion film depicting a typical Saturday at our kitchen table: