10 Reasons Why We Love Rainbow Loom


Hi there. I’m Christina, Emily and Maddie’s mom. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I got so excited about one of my kid’s toys. Rainbow Loom is fabulous for so many reasons. Here are my top ten reasons why I think Rainbow Loom is an awesome toy:

1. It inspires creativity. Coming up with colour combinations and patterns is a fun, creative process. There is an endless variety of color combinations and bracelet patterns to discover.

2. It inspires learning. I don’t know about you, but even as an adult I find it a challenge to follow instructions:) This teaches kids how to follow step by step instructions – and it gives them a reward for paying close attention to the details; a cool bracelet to show off!

3. It inspires sharing. Not only do kids share their fab creations, they share information with each other on how to create various bracelet patterns. Anything that motivates kids to help each other gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me!

4. It’s challenging. One of the best things about Rainbow Loom is that once you’ve mastered one pattern, there’s always a new and more challenging pattern to tackle.ย  This keeps things interesting!

5. It builds confidence. My kids do the happy dance when they’ve just mastered a new bracelet pattern.

6 It rewards perseverance. It’s amazing how fiercely determined my kids can be when it comes to mastering new patterns. When it doesn’t work out the first time, they keep going – knowing the reward of a new bracelet is waiting for them at the end.

7. It’s a quiet activity. When my kids are creating bracelets, I don’t hear a peep – except for the odd gasp when something goes wrong;)

8. It doesn’t require hydro.ย  I admit that I am nostalgic about toys that don’t require a power source – especially ones that capture the imagination as much as this one has.

9. It’s inexpensive. Compared to iPods and other techno gadgets – not to mentionย  American Girl etc., Rainbow Loom isn’t hard on the pocket book.

10. The bracelets are eye candy. Just look at the photos!


22 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why We Love Rainbow Loom

  1. Loom love is awesome! says:

    This is cool I love loom love =D THEY HELP ME SO MUCH just thanks for all the awesome step by step instructions!

  2. GB Shakespeare says:

    I totally agree. I mean, usually I’m super impatient, but for some reason, whenever I make stuff on the RL I’ve been super patient. I counted how many times I tried to make a starburst: 16 times. It took FOREVER. But I still kept going.

    Loom on, peeps!

  3. Audreys mom says:

    my daughter just found out what rainbow loops are and spent all here money on them I thought she was saving up for an iPod. and now it turns out they are completely amazing.

  4. Sophie says:

    I spend like 2 hours a day on Rainbow Loom and created my own Yoda, Princess Leia, and Padme Amidala (from Star Wars). WITHOUT USING ANY TUTORIALS! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Amber says:

    The rainbow loom is awesome. I have made so many rainbow loom bracelets I’m drowning in them and I just made the zero rainbow loom bracelet. I love your loom love videos my FAV rainbow loom bracelet is the starburst .

  6. Cece says:

    These are SO true, we should be marking this in our teachers faces ^_^
    because some are being banned, not cool, before these are banned in my school I have good reasons LOL but I’d doubt it would really be banned in my school because even quite a few teachers wear them XD

  7. Jodie walsh says:

    They were banned at my school too , some people even started making them during class! Even though the principle banned them , she wears them herself !!!

  8. R says:

    I just dunno why somebody would buy this for a boy! I think it’s for people and kids who have time on their hands and a wonderful imgination.
    Gave me a headache just trying to make something for my son before giving up. Even bigger headache watching the tutorials!
    Ja, that’s just me, I think its a total waste of time and money! There are better things to do. But I have only sons, and dunno how boys can enjoy something like this, as someone gave it as a birthday present.
    I’d much rather play soccer and do athletics with my boys! And I do!

    • KLo says:

      Not all kids are created equal. My 10 yr old boy is very creative and he LOVES rainbow loom! I can think of 6 of his friends (boys) just off the top of my head who also love it. And these are boys who are also very much into sports, Legos, etc.

  9. Loom Lover says:

    Now everyone in my family is crazy about rainbow loom.
    They rather do that then play computer games now!!!!!!!

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