How to Make a Triple Single Bracelet

Triple Single Loom Bracelet

Number of Bands: 56

The Triple Single Rainbow Loom bracelet is surprisingly easy to make. It’s one of our favorites because it is so simple to create. We think it looks especially good in rainbow or ombre colours.

triple single rainbow loom

Watch our tutorial on how to make theΒ  Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet:


252 thoughts on “How to Make a Triple Single Bracelet

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  2. Dominic says:

    This is really fun to make. I just have one question for LoomLove. I made a triple single one day and I wore it to school the next day. Everyone said it looked like the waterfall. My friend showed me his triple single, but I could not find a difference. What is the problem? I did it the way I learned it though.

  3. Annaliese says:

    awesome bracelet! I loved making it when I was just learning how to make rainbow loom bracelets! I suggest that people make this awesome bracelet! It was so much fun to make and so much fun to wear! :))

  4. Livi says:

    πŸ™‚ luv this bracelet!!! I also recommend to try the diamond, if you haven’t yet! They look so cool!! Luv u guys!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    • The dog says:

      You need 13 of one colour 14 of a different colour then 13 of a colour of the colours you before and then 10 of a different colour

    • Allie says:

      it is actual very easy. step one. place the elastic bands in a row on all colums. step two. place a elastic band in sort of a triangle on every row except the very bottom row. step three . take the base bands and fold them onto each other

  5. The dog says:

    This a awesome band all my friends Love it and they want me to make one for them I am so popular now love you rainbow loom 4:

  6. Farrie says:

    I loved the rainbow loom triple single bracelet!
    I wore it to school one day and all of my friends got jealous and they were mad at me and I don’t know why. My teacher loved it and she asked me to make it and I gave it to her. Still, for a week my friends were jealous, but that’s ok.
    That bracelet was wonderful!

  7. penguin potato says:

    This is awesome I really like her videos I have made a lot of things using her YouTube videos also I,would like to recommend for this web site we all make things on loomlove and I was wanting to post a pic of my works so can you guys make a web page where you cM post your works

    • Mini says:

      No, but if u live in Melbourne Australia Victoria I know where you can get a cheap fake loom. Keep in mind you will need to fiddle with it to make it the same, you have to move the middle forwards a bit. Any way if u liv in Melbourne, you can go to a place called Epping, then u find its main shopping centre, which used to be called Epping plaza, then go to a shop called cargo culture, and you can get a loom and six hundred bands for $5, and three refill packs for $5 hope I helped

  8. molly says:

    it so worked thanck you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I was confused a bit but then I got it

    • Mini says:

      I don’t know, if that’s in America, maybe ur on the other side, u aren’t the only one not in America, in Australia, where I am, these things are very popular, and the videos work. Hope that helped. Thx for a question to answer. ;p

  9. Mini says:

    I am furious, it took me ages to lay everything Down, then my mum comes and ruins it, and it was all ur fault because u didn’t tell me which layer under the cap band is which, I was trying to do it in one color, u could have said now get the one on left, it is at the bottom, or something

    • Mini says:

      U just make and 8 shape, then fold it over itself, then slip of onto the peg where all of them connect, then from underneath u loop, did that help?

  10. Carley says:

    I can’t bloody do it
    My loom base is different to these ones. Mine goes in a straight line not a triangle v like this one.
    I do it then take it off which is fine but when I go to take the last 2 rows off they’re not joined πŸ™ help

    • helpfultip says:

      u can do it u just make it shorter than the one in the video by using the first middle one and the last middle one.

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  12. Blackwolf says:

    I think I want to sell some of my tuns and tuns of bracelets and charms.

    if anyone knows how to make a lizard charm please tell.


  13. Blackwolf says:

    Carley you can get a rainbowloom or you can look at the rainbowloom shape and only use that part, i don’t know what kind of loom you have but if you can do that okay.


  14. Pete says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’d really love it if someone could tell me two things, one about this, one about
    K here it goes
    I get all the way to the last bit where you have to pull it of and I don’t know whether my bands are too thick or not but I try and try and I even pulled really hard but it won’t budge and I promised one of my friends that I’d do it for them and they are freaking out about it and I’m getting really sad so PLEASE help

    My second question is how do you become a member of cos I wanna help other loomers really bad so please someone tell me

    • becca says:

      hi pete just to let you know it depends in where you get the bands from you may have to buy some other ones xx

  15. LILLT says:

    some of it was easy and some hard:):):):):):):):):):):):)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::))))))))))))))))))))00000000000

  16. becca says:

    love this bracelet but how do you do it with wings !!! my friend has but I cant find it on the loomlove website !!

  17. Isobel says:

    Mine doesn’t exactly look like that but it still is a bracelet! I was wondering if I would be able to show you loom love!

  18. Char-latte says:

    Impossible. I keep trying, and all the center ones keep falling out. And it’s for a school project, so I’m getting marked on it…I do not enjoy getting low grades…

  19. Kristin McCann says:

    I don’t like the way the end of it looks, the skinny extension. Is there any way to make the main part of this bracelet longer? I do have two looms. Thank you!

  20. rainbowified says:

    uhm.. i made this in the correct way but when i took it off it turned out to become a single…what have i done wrong?

    • Stephanie says:

      Basically you need to put the cross ones on properly and you have probably not done the bottom band properly either, that bit was quite hard for me too hun xxxxx πŸ™‚

  21. liana says:

    hi I can really relate to the one because I only have that type of board which is completely straight could you please make more ones with that type of board

  22. Kimberly says:

    Arggg I’m having a problem but loombands just said that in you can get a whole set of looms and I just got mine .. I’m so happy try it.

  23. Rachel says:

    To make it go all the way around on one loom, instead of making a long extension when u take it off, extend it with one band, make another one and use that one extended band as the cap band!

  24. Kristin Daly says:

    I am trying to make the double triple single bracelet and I have both sides of the bracelet done. I do not understand how to connect the two ends together like the directions say. It says to use one of the beginning bands to tie the two halves together at the center; clip the excess band. How do I do this? Thanks!!

  25. RubberBandRockstar says:

    For a cool variation on this bracelet, try making a Watermelon Triple Single by doing the outer two rows in green and the middle row in red with alternating quadruple rapped black cap bands as seeds!

  26. Kayleigh says:

    I’d just like to say thanks loom love! On my second attempt, It worked and this is my first bracelet being made on the loom apart from single and fishtail! I hope I’m on the road to making a lot more cool creations with your help! πŸ˜€

    • Mikaila says:

      Well, Anna, if the bands are separating while you take off the bracelet, then something’s gone wrong, like maybe you didn’t put the black bands(reference from the video) in the right places or the bands came loose as you looped them and tried to fix them. Either that, or, you might be pulling too hard. Just pull hard enough so that the bands don’t separate and/or break and so the triple single comes off without a struggle.

  27. Hannah says:

    Anna, you must’ve done it wrong, because when I took it off the bands didn’t separate. Maybe you should try it again.

  28. Secret says:

    What loom braclets can you make without a loom bored thingy?? Im quite new to looming but im bored of fishtail and single is there any others i can do or will i have to buy the bored?

    • Mikaila says:

      I have a few suggestions for you! 1) You can make some of the designs like the Tangled Garden or Circle of Hearts on a crochet hook, or 2) Look up on YouTube for tutorials that you can make with pencils, forks, etc.
      3) You can buy a loom, where I got my Wonder Loom it was only about 13 dollars. I hear the Monster Tail doesn’t cost that much either, only 6 or 7 dollars (at least where I live). You should check the Rainbow Loom web store too.

  29. Jenny says:

    Great tutorial – took me a couple of attempts mainly because I didn’t pay attention and skipped a couple of bands but fab end result. I love all the tutorials on this site so far

  30. Jess says:

    I have tried this twice now and have failed both times at the pulling the bands off stage.
    Maybe go slower next time. Its highly frustrating that my 11 year old neice can make it but I cant at 23.

  31. Abby says:

    I have three looms the open base one and two closed base ones. I put the right bands on the loom and in the right place and I loomed it correctly but it did not work. Loomlove will you please give me some advice or i will quit using Loomlove. I a helpful hint was I loomed all the bands with the security bands in place and it didn’t work so Loomlove please give me advice because or remember I will quit using this epic awesome epic awesome epicly cool website I have to make these bracelets by Sunday and I want them to be absolutely perfecto ????????????????????????????

  32. Hermione Granger says:

    You call this easy?okay I agree it was kind of easy.but the taking of loom part was so so so hard I broke it 5 times still haven’t got it right!

  33. victoria says:

    hi guys this was the best loom band making and i did it all just what was in that video and in that video who is that girl i am a big fan of her

  34. Patsy says:

    please help! tried several times to make the triple single and the bracelet always falls apart when I take it off the loom….I must be missing a step somewhere but I cannot figure this out

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