Starburst Loom Bracelet Variations

starburst weave bracelet

It’s amazing how mixing up the colours can change up the look of the Starburst Bracelet. The one below has single colour rows on the top and bottom and each ‘flower’ is a solid colour; it’s instantly recognizable as a Starburst. The one above has the colours mixed up and it’s more difficult to tell that it’s a Starburst pattern:

starburst rainbow loom

starburst rainbow loom

Which one do you prefer?

How to Make a Zippy Chain

zippy chain braceletWe have finally mastered the Zippy Chain Rainbow Loom bracelet! (Check out the Zippy Fail here.) We think it’s a stellar piece to add to our collection.

We love the colour combos we chose for our Zippy Chain Bracelets. What do you think?

zippy chain

We used this video tutorial by Ashley to make our Zippy Chain Bracelet:

How to Make a Diamond Trio

diamond trio bracelet

We’re always looking for new Rainbow Loom patterns to try, so when we saw the Diamond Trio Rainbow Loom Bracelet, we just had to give it a whirl.

This pattern is a good for anyone who has one or two simple patterns under his/her belt.

We used an analogous colour scheme to create our bracelet. Here it is up close and personal:

diamond trio bracelet

If you would like to make your own Diamond Trio bracelet, we recommend the official Rainbow Loom video:


How to Make a Three-Pin Fishtail

three pin fishtailHands down, this is one of our favorite Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns. Why? Just take a look at it. Isn’t it pretty?

three pin fishtail

The down side is that it can be tricky – and time consuming.

We learned how to make the Three-Pin Fishtail by watching this video:

How to Make a Splash Bracelet

splash rainbow loom bracelet

We were feeling very patriotic when we made this Rainbow Loom Splash bracelet (actually, we are Canadian!). It was a fun bracelet to make. If you want to make your own Splash bracelet, check out this video tutorial:

10 Ideas for a Rainbow Loom Party

One of the hottest trends in parties is the Rainbow Loom Party. If you’re thinking of throwing one, and you’re looking for Rainbow Loom Party ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

If you decide to have a Rainbow Loom party, make sure you contact the kids who are invited to see if they have a Rainbow Loom. If there are kids without them, you could buy a few extras for them to use or lend them from other friends. If you are feeling generous, you could give Rainbow Looms out as favors. (Hey, it’s cheaper than Chuckie Cheese or going to a spa!)

For larger parties, why not have a Rainbow Loom station along with other crafts? You could offer up Rainbow Loom cases for each child (you can buy them at the dollar store for $3 each), and have the kids decorate them. Here is an example from Allison’s Custom Creations:

rainbow loom case

Everything from the cake to the streamers could be rainbow themed. Even the invitations! These ones are free printables from Love Stitched:

rainbow party invite

Why not offer up rainbow cake:

rainbow-cakePhoto: Pinterest


Photo: Prickly Poppy Bakery

Some Rainbow Juice to wash it down:

rainbow juice

Photo: Just Call Me Martha

Loving this rainbow decor:


Photo: Unknown

Rainbow pom poms! Here’s how to make pom poms.

rainbow pom poms

Photo: Pinterest

If you want to give out favors along with the Rainbow Loom Bracelets that kids make, why not rainbow licorice and Rolo candy?

rainbow party favors


Speaking of candy, check out this Rainbow themed Candy buffet:

rainbow candy theme

Photo: Southern Belle’s Charm

For older kids, flowers add elegance to the rainbow themed table.  (Fill the wine glasses with juice:))

rainbow flowers

Photo: Pinterest

Here is a cute way to set up your Rainbow Loom station:

rainbow loom party


Do you have any Rainbow Loom party ideas to share?



Rainbow Loom Storage: How Do You Store Your Supplies?

We lucked out and found the perfect box to organize our Rainbow Loom supplies in the hardware section of our local dollar store. It has dividers that you can remove – and it has a handle. We can even fit our loom inside the box. The cost? $3. You can’t beat that! At that price we were able to purchase two each to store all of our different colours. Check it out:

rainbow loom storage

We plan on making the outside pretty, but we’ve been too busy making bracelets! We like these boxes by AllisonsLoomCases:

rainbow loom box

Check out the custom Rainbow Loom boxes by CelebrationsZinc:

rainbow loom storage

We think this Mason jar Rainbow Loom storage by A Casarella is ingenious!

rainbow loom storage

And here are the labeled lids:


This plastic storage unit with mini drawers over at Lysa and Huey Ink is pretty sweet!

rainbow loom storage

How do you store your Rainbow Loom supplies?

How to Make a Double Rhombus Bracelet


What the heck is a rhombus anyway? We know what rumpus is (Who hasn’t read Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak?), but rhombus? We just had to know, so we looked it up:

Definition: A quadrilateral with all four sides equal in length.

We figured it was a math term.

Anyway, this double rhombus was fun to make, and not that difficult. Want to make one? We recommend this How to Make a Double Rhombus Rainbow Loom Bracelet video: