10 Ideas for a Rainbow Loom Party

One of the hottest trends in parties is the Rainbow Loom Party. If you’re thinking of throwing one, and you’re looking for Rainbow Loom Party ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

If you decide to have a Rainbow Loom party, make sure you contact the kids who are invited to see if they have a Rainbow Loom. If there are kids without them, you could buy a few extras for them to use or lend them from other friends. If you are feeling generous, you could give Rainbow Looms out as favors. (Hey, it’s cheaper than Chuckie Cheese or going to a spa!)

For larger parties, why not have a Rainbow Loom station along with other crafts? You could offer up Rainbow Loom cases for each child (you can buy them at the dollar store for $3 each), and have the kids decorate them. Here is an example from Allison’s Custom Creations:

rainbow loom case

Everything from the cake to the streamers could be rainbow themed. Even the invitations! These ones are free printables from Love Stitched:

rainbow party invite

Why not offer up rainbow cake:

rainbow-cakePhoto: Pinterest


Photo: Prickly Poppy Bakery

Some Rainbow Juice to wash it down:

rainbow juice

Photo: Just Call Me Martha

Loving this rainbow decor:


Photo: Unknown

Rainbow pom poms! Here’s how to make pom poms.

rainbow pom poms

Photo: Pinterest

If you want to give out favors along with the Rainbow Loom Bracelets that kids make, why not rainbow licorice and Rolo candy?

rainbow party favors

Photo: OurBestBites.com

Speaking of candy, check out this Rainbow themed Candy buffet:

rainbow candy theme

Photo: Southern Belle’s Charm

For older kids, flowers add elegance to the rainbow themed table.  (Fill the wine glasses with juice:))

rainbow flowers

Photo: Pinterest

Here is a cute way to set up your Rainbow Loom station:

rainbow loom party

Photo: Momof6.com

Do you have any Rainbow Loom party ideas to share?




25 thoughts on “10 Ideas for a Rainbow Loom Party

  1. Cassidy says:

    Soo cute and cheap doing this for my party in january
    My friend had one an thought of the theme the day before her party so only like 5/24 people brought one i sent out envitations with a blown up picture of one of the bracelets ive made
    Thanks for the ideas

  2. Katarina says:

    I think that might be my 9th Bday party theme !Except I do not like licorice .Last year ,the Spanish teacher gave the upper Graders Rolos ,and sweets from seven 11 for prizes for being good.love the ideas though!!P.S.I love Rainbowloom

  3. Kim says:

    Love your ideas. My daughter is having a Rainbow Loom birthday party next week.
    Would you care to share your rainbow juice labels? I love them !

  4. chantica says:

    I’d planned a rainbow loom party for my daughter’s 8th birthday and we’re doing a minion there are quite a few boys so I thought that everyone would enjoy them. Wish me luck.

  5. Anamaria says:

    omg i love the rainbow loom station
    wha can i use to store my rubber bands i have the carry case but i got so many bands for easter?

  6. Puppy dog says:

    You could make rainbow cupcakes with marshmallow icing. I had them before and they remind me of rainbow loom

  7. $Emilia$ says:

    This is cool but maybe get other children to bring there rainbow looms and make sure that they also get a few bands to take home for goodie bags :p
    Awesome and cheap too!!!

  8. Charlotte says:

    OMG!!! This is TOTALLY my next party theme! Thanks Loom Love!! I can’t explain how completely Rainbow Loomatized I have gotten because of you!

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