Starburst Loom Bracelet Variations

starburst weave bracelet

It’s amazing how mixing up the colours can change up the look of the Starburst Bracelet. The one below has single colour rows on the top and bottom and each ‘flower’ is a solid colour; it’s instantly recognizable as a Starburst. The one above has the colours mixed up and it’s more difficult to tell that it’s a Starburst pattern:

starburst rainbow loom

starburst rainbow loom

Which one do you prefer?


10 thoughts on “Starburst Loom Bracelet Variations

  1. A says:

    I LOVE the Starburst pattern!!! (:And the candy ofcourse!:)
    Whoever came up with its design is so AWESOME!!! And… I like the on on the bottom!:)

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