How to Make a Zippy Chain

zippy chain braceletWe have finally mastered the Zippy Chain Rainbow Loom bracelet! (Check out the Zippy Fail here.) We think it’s a stellar piece to add to our collection.

We love the colour combos we chose for our Zippy Chain Bracelets. What do you think?

zippy chain

We used this video tutorial by Ashley to make our Zippy Chain Bracelet:


28 thoughts on “How to Make a Zippy Chain

  1. Grace says:

    This bracelet isn’t that hardit was one of my first bracelets and I really like it I even made one for my mommy:) I think u guys will like it!!

  2. Dedbbie says:

    there was an oops in the making and i think it would be really helpful to see how you fixed it without redoing the whole thing if that is possible

  3. caity says:

    this bracelet was very fun to make, but my finished bracelet did not look like your finished product loom love. My over layer was more stuck to the rest of the bracelet while yours was more popped out. Why loomlove ?

    • Kel says:

      I think it is because of different kinds of bands. Mine have done that before too. One of mine looks way better than the others. 😉

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