How to Make a Ninja Turtle Bracelet

ninja turtle rainbow loom bracelet

Bet you didn’t know that you could make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with your Rainbow Loom?

We didn’t either until we found a tutorial on Youtube by RockawayOrthodontics for making Ninja Turtle Bracelets. Brilliant!


We made this  Donatello bracelet last night, and hope to make the other three Ninja Turtles this weekend.

You should have a few challenging patterns under your belt before you attempt this one.

Here is the tutorial:


Halloween Rainbow Loom Charms

halloween charm

Want to learn how to make this adorable Jack O’ Lantern charm? We used Made by Mommy’s Smiley Face Charm tutorial to make it. Here it is:

And to make the ‘charming’ wee pumpkin on the right in the photo below we used Made by Mommy’s Basic Pumpkin charm tutorial:

candy corn charm

To make the Candy Corn charm we used Made by Mommy’s Candy Corn Charm tutorial.

candy corn charm


Fishtail Rainbow Patterns

rainbow loom fishtailMixing up your colours is a great way to change the look of your bracelet. Even the ubiquitous Fishtail can be a stand out when you get creative with the color combinations.

We’ve seen lots of Fishtail bracelets in rainbow colours, but we’ve never seen them done this way. What do you think of our twist on the rainbow pattern?

rainbow loom fishtail

Here they are in black:

rainbow fishtail

Here we spaced out the coloured bands with black and white bands:

rainbow loom fishtail

Which one do you like best?

How to Make a Double Band Fishtail

Double band fishtail

This is another bracelet design that we came up with ourselves. But as we mentioned in a previous post, with a zillion Rainbow Looms out there, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who ‘invented’ this pattern.

We call this bracelet the Double Band Fishtail. It’s identical to the Fishtail bracelet, except that we doubled up on the bands.

double band fishtail

If you have mastered the Fishtail, this one will be a piece of cake for you to create! We made a tutorial for the Double Band Rainbow Loom Fishtail. Check it out:


5 Ways to Brighten the World with Your Rainbow Loom

rainbow loom

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re just as crazed over making Rainbow Loom bracelets as we are. There’s also a good chance that you are amassing quite a collection. If so, why not use your awesome bracelet making powers to make the world a little brighter?

Here are five ways that you can give back:

1. Donate bracelets to Looms for Love,  a brand new charity that gives bracelets (along with a handwritten note) to seniors in nursing homes, as well as hospitalized kids. You could even start your own chapter. Read all about it here.

2. Sell your bracelets and give the money to a local charity. These kids raised money for a shelter that helps homeless dogs. These children are selling bracelets to raise money to build a clean water well in Sierra Leone. This little girl has teamed up with her church and is raising money for the homeless. Pick a charity that means something to you and loom on!

3. Got a fabulous uncle, or adorable aunt? Is your grandma the best? What about a  special cousin that lives far away? Make their day by sending them one of your bracelets in the mail along with a handwritten note.

4. Buy a Rainbow Loom for someone who can’t afford one. (Or get your parents to!) There are lots of charities out there in search of toys at Christmas time!

5. Share your loom skills with others. If you’ve mastered a new pattern, pass on your knowledge to others. And be patient! Not everyone catches on at the same rate.

Do you know of anyone who has used Rainbow Loom to give back?


Schools Banning Rainbow Loom

rainbow loomAn increasing number of schools are banning the Rainbow Loom; one school in the news recently even banned kids from wearing the bracelets.

Schools are banning Rainbow Loom for two reasons: 1) They’re distracting kids from doing schoolwork 2) They are causing arguments among schoolkids. (The kids who don’t have looms feel left out.)

What do you think of schools banning the Rainbow Loom? We hope our school doesn’t ban them!

How to Make a Double Cross Rainbow Loom Bracelet

double cross rainbow loom

We thought we invented this Rainbow Loom bracelet, but after a quick search on Youtube we found that it already existed as the Double Cross. That’s the thing with Rainbow Loom – with over one million looms out there, there’s a pretty good chance that no matter what you come up with, somebody has already done it.

The Double Cross bracelet is fairly straightforward – if you can do a Fishtail, you can probably create this bracelet without a problem. However, it is time-consuming. One bracelet can take up to half an hour to make. Given the result, we think it’s well worth the effort.


We love this bracelet so much, that we made our own How to Make a Double Cross Bracelet tutorial on Youtube. It is our first tutorial!