How to Make a Ninja Turtle Bracelet

ninja turtle rainbow loom bracelet

Bet you didn’t know that you could make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with your Rainbow Loom?

We didn’t either until we found a tutorial on Youtube by RockawayOrthodontics for making Ninja Turtle Bracelets. Brilliant!


We made thisĀ  Donatello bracelet last night, and hope to make the other three Ninja Turtles this weekend.

You should have a few challenging patterns under your belt before you attempt this one.

Here is the tutorial:



13 thoughts on “How to Make a Ninja Turtle Bracelet

  1. Jessica says:

    Just made on of these.. Its awesome and a surprise for my TMNT loving daughter when she gets home.. Only problem I had was my 2 looms don’t match in size or hook together but I got creative and it took sometime but it turned out perfect!!

  2. Zabrina "Zabby" G. says:

    Holy mackerel!! This is the best!!! I love TMNT and this is perfect!! Good thing I’m good at making loombands or I’ll have to spend days for that…. BUT I LOVE IT!!! One of my classmates saw this and told me they’re gonna give it to me as a gift, since yesterday is my birthday and stuff…

    BUT I LOVE IT!! I shall make one now!!

  3. Dylan says:

    Wow!!! I totally love TMNT and so does my friend!!! I made Donnie first and OMG!!! Turned out wonderful!!!

  4. Autumn says:

    I love this bracelet! I made some for my brothers Ninja Turtle birthday party for everyone to wear!

  5. Lily says:

    You did a great job on this tutorial! My brother is having a Ninja Turtle birthday party, so we are making one for each of the guests! My brother absolutely loves his Leonardo rubber band bracelet! Thanks again for doing such a great job on the tutorial!

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