How to Make a Double Band Fishtail

Double band fishtail

This is another bracelet design that we came up with ourselves. But as we mentioned in a previous post, with a zillion Rainbow Looms out there, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who ‘invented’ this pattern.

We call this bracelet the Double Band Fishtail. It’s identical to the Fishtail bracelet, except that we doubled up on the bands.

double band fishtail

If you have mastered the Fishtail, this one will be a piece of cake for you to create! We made a tutorial for the Double Band Rainbow Loom Fishtail. Check it out:



62 thoughts on “How to Make a Double Band Fishtail

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  2. Mekenzie says:

    This is just like my very own Cat-tail design! It’s where you do the regular single-pattern bracelet but with 2 bands on each like this! Thanks so much! Everyone at school thinks its so cool!

  3. Benedita says:

    Thanks! This is actually really easy a cool! I love the bracelet that you made in this video, and I love the rainbow bracelet too!

  4. Zoey says:

    LOL Me and my sister thought this was FISHTAIL! And it is so cool that when you use your fingers the rubber bands never get out of place. They just stay there! I don’t know if I should say that is weird or cool . πŸ˜€

  5. Emily says:

    Thanks for all the help, except for at the end when you talked really quiet and didn’t really show or explain. So now I have a bracelet withan untied end that I cant figure out!

  6. #yollo says:

    I used the end of my board instead, it’s more easier that way, this turn out fantastic, thanks

  7. Chantelle.F says:

    I really think that your much better at making bracelets
    Because I only now how to make a single fish tale,a star burst bracelet and a lose one yeah can you send me some vidios of more things I could make I would really apriciate it a lot thanks hope to talk again and please send a text back on my email okay that’s all bye.

  8. Aspherodes Jr says:

    Hey guys! I just figured it looked AWESOME with purple, black and yellow bands! Still, i prefer the Fishtail over the double fishtail, coz it uses a lotta loom bands. Other than that, it’s MARVELOUS- turned out gr8!

  9. Brianna Loranger says:

    I love making rubber band bracelets so much because I grew up making rubber band bracelets and I got a lot of rubber bands for Christmas and for my birthday I got all of them from my mom and sister I told them that I love the rubber bands bracelets so much so they got them for me on Christmas and my birthday and now I can not stop making rubber band bracelets at all.

  10. trizzy says:

    thank you for showing how to make the fish tail braclet i did it the same way u did and it came out perfect thank you

  11. Esther says:

    thanks so much It turned out really great I think I’m starting to understand the full process of looming, this pushed me up to fully understand. It’s ok to try out beginner bracelets to some people who feel embarrassed to not fully understand the loom. My friend taught me and ever since she recommended this website I always use it. thank you for the easy tutorial, I fully understood this and it’s the best video yet :)!!!

  12. EMMY says:

    Thanks so much for doing this mine turned out great I love Looms so much how do you come up with these ideas

  13. Louise says:

    Omg I love this band it is so cute…
    doesn’t this seem to be a lot like the super fishtail bracelet? ??? Thanks for this tutorial xx

  14. Jamy lee says:

    This s so great I love it every one at my school are trting it even my boyfriend thinks it is awesome thanks loom love

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