How to Make a Liberty Twist

liberty twist bracelet

The Liberty Twist is a great looking loom bracelet, but it does require patience. It took us two attempts to make this bracelet; our mom.. well, she’s another story. She tried twice and gave up!

Here is her first fail. Looks like a new species of insect:

rainbow loom failAnd her second one, looking kind of intestinal:  rainbow-loom-fail-1

If you are up for the challenge and would like to make your own Liberty Twist bracelet, use this video.


3 thoughts on “How to Make a Liberty Twist

  1. Francine says:

    2nd comment!!! It’s kinda challenging but I ended up a beautiful liberty twist!! Loom love you are awesome!!!

  2. zarina knoetze says:

    Loom are awesome thank you I am just still learning how to make the liberty twist but I am fine thank you all

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