How to Make a Bedazzled Bracelet

bedazzled rainbow loom

We are loving the Bedazzled bracelet by LoomintheCity! (As you’ve probably noticed, we’re really diggin’ this colour scheme lately!)

This awesome 3-loom design is not for newbies! Please be aware that the video does not include audio instructions, just a video how-to.

Want to make your own Bedazzled bracelet? Watch this video:


43 thoughts on “How to Make a Bedazzled Bracelet

  1. Annabeth Chase says:

    Wow! This is pretty cool! And that colour scheme is AWESOME I love those colours. LoomLove, are the bracelets listed on your website latex free? Have u used them are they stretchy?

    #firstcomment 🙂

  2. Hermione Granger says:

    OMG that is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. And I was just looking at this bracelet on Instagram! What a coincidence! I’m @hermione_grangert

  3. Loveloombands says:

    Awesome only have one loom though 🙁 but I’m asking for one at xmas and my loom has broke and I can just about make bracelets on it and my dad won’t let me enter your comps :(( ! cool though but in the colour pattern I’m not a big fan of

  4. Gracie says:

    Hi Loom Love! This is really cool! I’d make it, but I only have three looms :(. Anyways, I would like to recommend this bracelet pattern I found called the Candy Puff bracelet. It’s by a new loomer who has a youtube account called Cat Lov’n Loomer. I think you’d like it, I’ve already have made four of them, lol :). And thanks for all the effort you put into this site, I check it nearly every day and you never disappoint. Thanks so much you guys! Whatever it is that you make next, I hope you have fun looming!

  5. Maya says:

    This is the best bracelet so far
    Were do you get those rubber bands I wonder if you can get them in Australia .
    Thank you

  6. Hayley says:

    Loomlove ! Please what is the name of the bracelet she is wearing while making the tutorial I can’t find it anywhere anyone please help

  7. Jessica says:

    Looks super cool. I have 1 loom but my three sisters all have there own.So maybe I will use there looms.Oh and loom love I really love your site whenever I have time I come and check your site out it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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