How to Make a Fishy Gills Bracelet

fishy gills braceletWe discovered a brand new RL designer whose work we love. Her Youtube name is Loves2Loom.

She came up with this fabulous reversible bracelet: it’s called the Fishy Scales bracelet. Here’s what it looks like when you turn it over:

fishy gills bracelet

Want to make the Fishy Gills Bracelet? Watch this video:


50 thoughts on “How to Make a Fishy Gills Bracelet

  1. Kacie says:

    Hello! I have made a new bracelet(i think)
    1. Set up your loom in a even position
    2. Get a band and double loop it, stretch it between your fingers.
    3. Pass a band through the middle. Then hold the band you just put through on your fingers.
    4 keep doin this in a single chain way
    5. Loop normally, just as you would on a single bracelet
    6. Done!!! It has dangly cirlcle loops!! It is best with a clear chain and a brightly coloured circle loop. Thankyou, I think this is new!!!

    • BMO says:

      My sister made the similar idea. Except you don’t double loop the bands and make it on your fingers. My sister’s is just a single chain with a rubber band dangling from each chain. Pretty similar, though!! 😉

  2. Abby says:

    Hey loomlove! Love this website and would like to thank you for what you do! ???? by the way I made this bracelet last night before you posted it!

  3. Erika says:

    Hey, loom love! Could you make a bracelet collection video? It would be super cool!
    P.S. cool bracelet!
    Thanks, Erika

  4. BMO says:

    OMG!! This is soooo cute!! I’m totally making this. I’ll let you know when I made it! 😀

    • BMO says:

      THIS IS SOO CUTE!! I made mine with teal and glitter yellow. It makes a AWSOME color combo. Besides the color combo, I LOVE this bracelet!! 😀 😉

  5. Louise the Loomer says:

    Wow, this is truly creative! I bet there are so many wonderful loomers out there that don’t get a chance to publish their works or get noticed by other loomers bcuz of stuff

    • Avery says:

      Yes! You can make a dragon scale bracelet and a fishtail with a fork. If you have a crochet hook or something similar than you can make a tangled garden bracelet. There are more bracelets that don’t require a loom as well. If you go to YouTube and search for bracelets without a loom than you will find some.

  6. LoomyLeopard says:

    -First comment- Cool bracelet! Even though it smells kinda fishy I’m still making it. ????????

  7. Fab 4 loom boutique says:

    We defentaly love this design! It looks pretty cool but we have the Craz-loom boards sooooooo… We can’t really do it. But still love it

    • Kitty Cat says:

      If you have a different loom, just do it at the end so you can pull it out. It really works – well, for me anyways!

  8. jay says:

    on your fishy gills video theres a nice band that you shown, but i cant find the tutorial of that. where i can see that? thanks……..

  9. shortleaf says:

    I love this bracelet and it’s super cute, but it’s very hard. 🙁 I love your website LoomLove! I check it every day for new designs. 😀

  10. Vikki M says:

    Done it, cracked it, love it!! I am now experimenting with thicker widths by using more pins 🙂 thank you for your easy to follow video xx

  11. meghan says:

    This is a super cool and cute bracelet, I made it with a normal board and not a rainbow loom and it was still super quick and easy, thank you this is amazing xoxo

  12. The Loomatic says:

    I love this new bracelet it is really cool but it kinda looks like the raindrops bracelet.

  13. Hannah says:

    OMG amazing, first time I tried I failed, 🙁 but I tried it again it it worked and it is awesome!!!

  14. callsharp says:

    hi loom love i think i made an new loom band. it is sort of like an extended version of the fishy gills. instead of using three pins on the back row and two pins on the front row i used four pins on the back row and three pins on the front row. it looks awesome,instead of looking like a fishtail with the two different colours on the outside it has two fishtails in the middle. the looping is exactly the same but with extra pins if you want to make it. you can make it with any amount of pins you want just so long as you have one less pin on the front row.

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