How to Make a Flashback

flashback rainbow loom

We love our new Flashback Rainbow Loom design!

What do you think of the above color scheme? We used our new flesh coloured bands, along with olive green and teal. Awesome!

This design is a great project for those of you who are looking for something a little less challenging.

flashback rainbow loom

flashback rainbow loom

If you’dĀ  like to give the Flashback a whirl, watch our video tutorial:


66 thoughts on “How to Make a Flashback

  1. Searria says:

    Dear loom love,
    how do you come up with all these color creations and bracelets?I would really enjoy a awser! If you could not tell i am obbsessed with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps.this is the best RL website out there:p

    • LoomLove says:

      So glad you like our site Searria! We’ve put oodles of hours into Rainbow Loom… the more you do it, the more you come up with your own designs.

      • madison says:

        That’s true. I have had my rainbowloom since Christmas and I do at least 1 bracelet everyday weather it’s making one up or in this website. Question- can we tell you the ideas we make up because I’ve made 3 or 4 New bracelets that I want to share with you.



        • shortleaf says:

          Yeah that would be nice to share the bracelets that we make up with you LoomLove. šŸ™‚


  2. Me says:

    It’s actually pretty easy doing it by hand it’s just singles clipped,together but I love the bracelet.

  3. Kasie says:

    Hey loomlove! I absolutely LOVEyour site! Whenever I make bracelets and wear them around, people always comment on how they love them! My friends and relatives also ask for me to make them some! Thanks so much for the awesome site and efforts you put into the things you do!

    ~ Kasie

  4. a girl from China says:

    that’s coooooool ! I really want to study how to make that , but unfortunately I cant watch your video toturial šŸ™

    • Alannah says:

      Yeah you can. I bought my sister one the other day because I had a rainbow loom and she wanted one. I also have 5000+ bands! But hers is similar to the cra-z-loom and I am able to do it on hers too. I hope that helps šŸ™‚

  5. Vivian says:

    I am out of patience! Every time I try one of the rubber bands come out, and I have to start all over again! Sorry if this seems like I’m blaming you, but I’m not, I am just frustrated. I recently got Cra-Z-Loom and I’m sort of a beginner. I don’t know that you’ll be able to help, but could you maybe suggest some kinds of bracelets that look cool, but are really simple! Thanks!

    Newbie to Looming,

    • Skyla says:

      Try the fishtail! It’s super easy once you get the hang of it, and will help you when attempting the challenging bracelets.

      • Vivian says:

        I tried that bracelet, but I did it shortly so it ended up as a bracelet for my American Girl dolls! But, I’m starting to get the hang of things. Thanks!

  6. Lil says:

    Wow i love this bracelet
    I am a obbsesive loomer. Me and some friends make and sell bracelets and Donate our funds to Saving Endangered Species.

  7. John says:

    I have attepted this many times, I failed at it. I tried it again, I DID IT. šŸ˜€ It looks nice. šŸ™‚

  8. loom lover says:

    dear loomlove,
    can u tell me any other easy bracelets to do exept the fishtail i am wondering because every time i do a bracelet i pull it off and it comes apart not u fault i think its because i do something wrong

  9. Loom lover says:

    Amazing the website has helped me to make all different bracelets my favourite is the triple single! I am so glad I bought it


  10. Lola says:

    I love loom love, but I am getting confused. On the Sqared Single bracelet, when I loop the Squares, after I take it off the loom, it breaks. I am following all the directions, am I doing something wrong? Also, how do you do everything perfectly? I mean, do you ever mess up? Also maybe you guys could make it so we can post our rb loom fails? Because if so, I have a LOT!

  11. Mary Jacobs says:

    I just want to say thank you for the video clip, I have just got a loom band kit today, so far done a single loop bracelet and a fish tail bracelet, going to attempt this one next…

  12. Failed Loomband Maker says:

    Me and my friend FaceTime a lot, so when I got loom bands, and she got crazy loom, we started to help each other online. ???? so now we try and make different kinds of braclets, but all I can manage is the single loom braclet, and the fishtail! ???? They look really awesome, but how do you do it so perfectly? ????

    • Vivian says:

      Don’t worry! I had trouble with it too. But if you keep trying you can get it! I finally got it today, and it looks great! I did mess up in one area, but I can’t notice it. Something funny, is that me and my best friend, who introduced me to looming, FaceTime and make bracelets together too!
      Hope you get it soon!

  13. umamah says:

    really love your videos , however when i tried to take the ladder bracelet of of the loom it fell apart halfway bands aren’t that strong since i keep using them but i still really like your video so keep it up. do you have any suggestions ?

  14. umamah says:

    its too difficlut for me and you are going a bit too fast can you please explain it properly so its understandable like the bandaloom videos

  15. Loomlover says:

    I love making loom bands but as i was trying to follow you seemed to be going a bit fast so i had to continuously pause and it was quite annoying.
    So if you could maybe slow down in videos that would be great.

    Other than that you did a great job in this loom band

    Kindest Regards,

  16. Shana says:

    Wonderful!!! I’m going to be giving this to my brother…i hope he likes! i cant see wats not there to like! <3 thank u! looking forward to many of ur new creations to come ^.^

  17. Bernadette says:

    Hi, I love the bracelet! But could you do a tutorial on how to do an Infinity Bracelet? It’s alright if you don’t make one. šŸ™‚ love your website btw, this is literally perfection! <3

  18. pamo says:

    I love your website you have so many different designs and creations!! keep up the great work..

  19. bud of the bubble says:

    i love this bracelet it took me a few times to get the hang of it but now i could probably do it in my sleep

  20. Seryne Swiftie says:

    Hi! Umm I invented a loom bracelet My friend told me to post it on youtube. I did but i deleted it. So can you promote my invented Loom bracelet? I like you to answer please! šŸ™‚ thanks.

  21. A Girl From The Philippines says:

    Dear LoomLove,

    Kamusta from the Philippines… Actually I’m new in Looming… Thanks for this making this really cool website, I can’t even get the single band bracelet. But because of you, I ‘m more inspired to make new bracelets and maybe i can share them with you… Again thanks


  22. Ameera says:

    Hi loomlove!
    Luv all the bracelets on ur webby! SO AWESOME! I was just suggesting tht plz plz plz with a cherry on top could u make ur competitions available worldwide cuz I live in England, n u know how us English luv to copy u Americans (lol) ! Loom bands r taking over the uk, and me and my bffs luv making them all day! I can guarantee tht if u make ur competitions worldwide, sooooo many people everywhere will enter them! Sorry tht this message is really long… But plz try to take my though into consideration!
    Thx so much 4 all ur tutorials!
    From Ameera

  23. Rupert Tahamina says:

    OMG!! it was sooo easy make. And it so pretty l am sooo in love with

  24. Anonymous says:

    All my friends are crazy about rainbow loom. I just didn’t get what was so cool about it. Your website inspired me to start looming. I’m a beginner, I’ve only made the normal fishtail and single before. Do you think I should make this or try other ones first? Is it as hard as it looks?
    I tried it once and I failed.
    Please advise.

  25. Vince says:

    How do you make the single tail stick together i see holes through the please comment and make a tutorial on this

  26. ASG says:

    I’ ve tried several of your bracelets. They are sooooo easy to make! And really nice! Thanks!!!

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