How to Make a Kaleidoscope Bracelet


Ellen Carpenter is a Rainbow Loom genius in our books. She is the one that came up with the UBER fabulous Kaleidoscope Bracelet pattern. This is one of the most exquisite bracelets we’ve made so far – and we have made dozens and dozens of patterns!

The hilarious thing about our bracelet is that when were making it (way too late at night!) we kept remarking on how crazy difficult it was (never mind ‘very challenging’, it was more like ‘OMG!’). But then we noticed that our mom had placed one of the rows on our Rainbow Loom incorrectly. We were half way through hooking when we noticed this, so we had to carefully work around it. We were bleary eyed by the time we pulled it off the loom. It is a miracle that we got through it with our bracelet intact!

Here it is before we removed it from the Rainbow Loom. Look closely and you will see that the left row is placed the wrong way:

kaleidoscope bracelet

We can’t wait to try this pattern again with all of our rows placed correctly!:)


Want to make your own Kaleidoscope Bracelet? Watch this video by Ellen Carpenter: (This is the updated version of the video released April 1, 2014)


51 thoughts on “How to Make a Kaleidoscope Bracelet

  1. Cheryl Nazarete says:

    I love the rainbow loom because it is so much fun. I’m learning how to do it slowly because I just got it.

  2. jayne says:

    You did an awesome job at explaining how to do the Kolidescope rubberband loom patteren , Thank You , You didnt make it complicated , it was very simple to understand , the first one i made while watching Your video came out perfect.

  3. GB Shakespeare says:

    Super cool! My brother got a RL for Xmas, and he traded it for a turquoise, red and green hexafish. So now I got two looms!

  4. LoomloveMarz says:

    Cute! I checked out the videos Ellen made and them were awesome! I mean, she made a 2 loom checkerboard bracelet and then an exact same 1 loom bracelet! I love the zipper one which I think you can make on 1 loom! Anyway, loomlove is the best place for rainbow looms considering it’s SUPER easy! EVEN the very challenging ones!

      • busterthebunny says:

        oh just scrolled through comments and featherstonehaugh has a link for people with one loom.

  5. Coolkid365 says:

    Thanks Loom Love! I found a tutorial online on how to do this bracelet on one loom, but couldn’t access it immediately, so please post it on your website! Thanks for the great tutorials! After Easter, I reccomend you post a tutorial on the hibiscus flower bracelet. It’s as beautiful as this. Happy Easter!

  6. Angie says:

    Would you please make a bracelet with baseballs for each of the round sections? I think it would be much more fabulous than any of the baseball bracelets I have seen so far. I tried, I just can’t figure it out!!

  7. Tina says:

    Great job, loomlove! And to Ellen Carpenter for creating this! It is so pretty! There’s also a bracelet called the hexapop bracelet and it’s sort of a spin-off of the kaleidoscope bracelet. You should check it out on YouTube, it’s made by Officiallyloomed.

    • Lucky says:

      Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh but hahaha! Lol
      I just tried this for the 1st time today and my loom fell to pieces as I was pulling it off and one of the bands right near the beginning snapped! Grrr
      Maybe another day 🙁

  8. Charlotte says:

    Hi Loom Love!

    I recently made this bracelet and absolutely loved it! It is a gorgeous design, and everyone in my family adored it! I have never seen such a pretty pattern. Thanks for these tutorials! If you haven’t seen my previous comment already, you can find it as the first comment for the Zen bracelet. Thanks again!


  9. Ginny Weasley says:

    That happened to me . . . I was making an apple when I realised that the left pin bar was still the other way round from when I had tried what I think was the inverted hexafish

  10. rainbow loomer says:

    hi loom love!! i love your site and i make all of my bracelets from here. this bracelet was very easy to make and i love it a lot. i would like you to give some color suggestions with every bracelet because it’s very difficult to choose the colors for the bracelet

  11. Isabela Flores says:

    I absolutely LOVE this bracelet! I tried it once, I messed up and I didn’t like the color scheme. I tried it a second time and I got it. The result was absolutely incredible! I thought it was really easy. Rainbow Looming is basically my hobby. I love it! Merry Christmas, Loom Love!

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