35 thoughts on “How to Make a Pumpkin Patch Bracelet

  1. Katniss everdeen says:

    This bracelet reminds me how much I love fall! I’m so excited!
    And I was wondering if you would do a Q&A post sometimes. I would love to learn more about you. (Not trying not be a stalker–if you don’t want to then you shouldn’t.)

    • Lillie says:

      I would like that to:) but if y’all don’t want to, I totally understand! What cute pumpkins! When are y’all going to announce the winner of the craft thing? Thx loomlove for the cute pumpkin design!:)

  2. Kim says:

    Wow. The pumpkin patch bracelet is amazing! Good job! Can you please post some more charms? Please reply!

  3. A says:

    Hi (again) LoomLove!
    I think that y’all should have an email sign up thing to where we can sign up and get an email every time y’all post something new on y’all’s website. Just a thought, if it’s possible I think y’all should do it.:)

  4. tash says:

    Awesome design. You girls put so much effort into your tutorials! ;-)I just love your website. I would only be interested in loom bands if I had your site to look up cool designs. Also I know you can get this loom called sunshine loom on internet. Its like a circle loom and is set up in the normal rainbow loom setup. When your doing bracelets like ziagonal or starburst for instance you don’t need to add a extention. I would love if you replyed to me! 🙂
    Thanks SOO much loom love

  5. Anonymous Cra-Z-Loomer says:

    Cool bracelet! I’m just asking, do you think you could make some easy but cool looking bracelets that don’t require taking the loom apart or putting it in a different position? Thanks.

    P.S: ?? Your site and designs!

  6. BOOKS! says:

    Loom Love,
    I am a card wiz. Literally… I rock at making them… seriously… my whole family LOVES THEM. When I make pop-up ones they’re like: “Whoa… HOW’D YOU DO THAT!!!!????” They don’t have to be hard. Go on the internet to get ideas and tutorials! Seriously Loom Love, you’d be amazing at making those… you should try! Oh and look up monster bookmarks on the web too! Try those!

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