41 thoughts on “How to Make a Retro Pop Flower

  1. Hermione Granger says:

    Awesome!! I made one for myself before you posted it, with purple jelly for the main part of the flower, red for the pizzazz on the edges and yellow for the middle. It looks amazing 😀 !
    I suggested this on your petal chain post, did you see my comment Loom Love?

    • Oswald says:

      Thanks for giving Loom Love the idea! the design is awesome! I saw it before but I thought it would be really difficult, until Loom Love posted it and I gave it a try! 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!! Wow, you guys weren’t kidding when you said you are obsessed with the loomless creations thing! This is one of the best most magnificent designs and it’s on a hook! Feelinspiffy and Loom Love, you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marylee says:

      I am not a big fan of no loom stuff they always backfire on me and this is pretty but I don’t really like no offense though. But I have a bracelet that I want to make a video on but I can’t can’t get a youtube account so can I have your email I can email you on my mom’s email.

  3. jenny says:

    Awesome! Wouldn’t these be great if you could loom them into a loom band dress … It would look so pretty covered in these flowers!!! Oh my gosh…. They would look good on a purse or loom band bag???? I’m not really good at this yet tho…. Still learning!

  4. Alisha says:

    Thank you for putting this on!!! I love it and I love LoomLove.com!
    P.S can the loom love mum (Christina) do a tutorial? Just something I would like to see as a fan!! 😀

  5. Melissa says:

    Sooo close, was doing great until it fell off my hook, but hey I’m glad I don’t have to restart the centre I was into the second part of the flower when it happened. Love this vid! Thanks for the great vids again ladies!

  6. Emma Corbin says:

    Very cute!!!!!! I suggest the 3d mini hamburger by elegantfashion 360! Its loomless, and super cute and tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ginny Weasley says:

    I think my previous didn’t post so, wow! On a hook! How do you guys make up these stuff?

    BTW I also have made a few and I’d really like it if you posted them on here . . . It was my birthday six days ago!

    Ps Have I really been ten for only six days?!?!?! It seems much longer!

  8. A says:

    This is SO cool y’all! I must do this today! Can y’all put more action figures? And maybe a puppy with a body? I can’t seem to find a puppy anywhere:( My nephews loves them:)

    • A says:

      So I made it and it looks awesome y’all! And now I can’t stop makin’ em’! I love the videos with the hook only! Thanks for every single video y’all put on this amazing website! Keep it up;)
      (;Btw Marilyn thx for the tip;)

  9. Ella Timbang says:

    Hey Loom love, Could you please try to make a Rosary out of loom bands because my Dad has told me to try to make one but I couldn’t find a way, so could you please post a video on how to make one? Or if anyone reads this could you please comment how to make one please.

  10. A says:

    Hi again LoomLove!!! I can’t stay away! I was wondering what kind of blue is in the center of y’all’s flower? If y’all’d answer that’d be great!
    Thank y’all!!!

  11. Taylore says:

    This is Awesome So Cool:) can youguys make some tourials 4 cat head and body my friends b-day is coming up Emma C. and Akayna S. also Mia S. and Maria V.

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