18 thoughts on “How to Make the Serpentine

  1. Rainbow Loom Lover!!!!! says:

    I love how this looks, but the videos don’t work for me 🙁 On all of the tutorials on the website!! I love this website, so could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put picture tutorials for some (including this one!!!) so I can do the bracelets??? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rainbow Loom Lover!!!!! says:

    The videos don’t work for me on any website (I don’t know why, I guess my computer is broken in that area :() for some reason, there’s just a blurb where the video should be (it’s not your website, because I’ve tried to get a ton of videos up and it doesn’t work) so, I was just wondering… could you guys make some picture tutorials? Thanks again!

  3. LoomLova???????????????????????? says:

    I love this website always helps me make the most beautiful bracelets! ????grateful

  4. LoomLova says:

    This website is great! I was new to looming until I found this website! I was making beautiful bracelets in just minutes!! Thank you so much LoomLove! So grateful

  5. Rainbow Loom Lover!!!!! says:

    Uuuuummmmmm………….. Loom Love????
    I’m kinda waiting for your response about the picture tutorials…….
    Have you forgot or are you ignoring me? I’d REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF SOME OF THESE BRACELETS HAD PICTURE TUTORIALS SO I COULD MAKE THESE BEAUTIFUL BRACELETS!!!!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER AND POST YOUR ANSWER SOON!! I’m not being pushy, sorry if it sounds like it….. 🙂 Thanks!!!!!

  6. Kaylee says:

    Oh my gosh!! I know how to do this without watching the video– Make a regular linking bracelet and then make another one the same length. Then wrap one around the other and secure together. Done, and it’s so pretty!!!

  7. Kaylee says:

    Oh, and before you secure together, slip every few loops around one of the regular linking bracelets. So Easy! Sorry I left out that step in the first comment!

    • Lover of Looms says:

      Kayla, that’s a pretty great idea!! I watched the video, though, and your idea is very different from how they actually made it. I actually think that your way saves alot of time 😀 In the video, it uses the loom and everything.

  8. Nicki says:

    I figured this out without the video too! Mine looks so pretty! I’m so happy I came across this site! Thanks Loom Love!!!! 🙂

  9. Molly says:

    I would also recommend that you make it quite tight not loose because the bracelet looks nicer and more effective if it is stretched a bit. ????????

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