How to Make a Snakes and Ladders Bracelet

snakes and ladders rainbow loomThe Snakes and Ladders bracelet is one of our latest inventions. The cool thing is that you can make it on one loom and it is reversible.

We call it Snakes and Ladders because on one side it kind looks like a snake:

snakes and ladders

When you turn it over, it looks like a ladder:

snakes and ladders

Want to make one? Watch our tutorial:


6 thoughts on “How to Make a Snakes and Ladders Bracelet

  1. Layna & Lil says:

    @ LoomLove

    Hey girls! I came up with a bracelet that I think you will love! It’s like the Snakes and Ladders bracelet, but it is actually the diamond pattern inside a single rim chain. (If that makes sense.) Anways, if you can, I would like you to make a video on my bracelet — the Infringment. I just came to me all of a sudden today. So, please consider my offer, and I will try to post a video on how to make it on YouTube if I can. Thanks.

    ~ Lil

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